5:23 PM Wednesday, August 5, 1998
Check out the recent page for the placement of the old news link.
5:24 PM Wednesday, August 5, 1998
Now putting it really low down, that should make it look a little better.
3:24 PM Thursday, August 6, 1998
Attempting to restart the propagation of news postings through the recent andold news sections.
3:26 PM Thursday, August 6, 1998
Just want to make sure the insertion of the older posts into the recent news section is done correctly, without overlap.
3:28 PM Thursday, August 6, 1998
This perl system of database post management is kicking my ass.
12:42 PM Friday, August 7, 1998
I stayed up really late last night, for no particular reason, other than the fact that I'm 21. And I can. Magda rented a couple movies, actually pre-release rentals, Mr. Nice Guy with Jackie Chan, and The Man in the Iron Mask with Leonardo DiCaprio. Both were good, each in their own way. Plans for today include going home in preparation for Cooler, an ultimate tournament in Delafield, WI, this weekend.
8:31 PM Sunday, August 9, 1998
Played in my first ever tournament with a club team, Godzilla. Played fairly well. Called in for defensive points, and even got a couple ho' blocks. Tried to stick hard with my man, but got taken deep a couple times. I was even playing for the last point in both games we won. Actually caught the winning goal against Swank. All in all, a good first tourney.

Home was nice as well. Got my Mom's Cooking and my own bed to sleep in. I brought more clothes back and that little table I helped to make for The Cruicible back in sophomore year. Less and less of my stuff is at home now.

1:36 PM Monday, August 10, 1998
Today I had lunch from Boston Market, specifically the Ham Carver Combo on white bread with a side of baked beans and Mr. Pibb as my drink. All for the low low price of $5.95. Just because Ridge Warren is lacking bread and lunch meats for a sack lunch.
4:34 PM Monday, August 10, 1998
The bill from Internic came last Saturday and I just wrote the check. So now I really own the Abando family corporation. As soon as I find more time I'll actually write a family homepage, and give my parents and sibling their own place on the web.
4:56 PM Monday, August 10, 1998
Ted and I plan to go grocery shopping at Jewel and desk shopping for Ted at Target. There's supposedly a sale going on at Target on furniture, so he's hoping to pick one up today. I'm just looking forward to getting some bread and cereal for the apartment.
3:36 PM Wednesday, August 12, 1998
Robert Ludlum's The Gemini Contenders swallowed up the morning and caused a rush into work late today. But now that it's finished, I can either get another one, or continue working on my many projects: installing Debian 2.0, writing web pages for family and hobbies, playing ultimate, playing Tekken 3, or working on the apartment. Maybe it's time to pay another visit to the Evanston Public Library.
11:10 AM Thursday, August 13, 1998
I've committed to Godzilla until the middle of October, if not longer, for the club season. I signed on for a multi cent deal as a defensive specialist. In the works are shoe deals and my own line of clothing.
11:00 PM Thursday, August 13, 1998
After dinner and a couple games of Tekken 3, Ted and I made our way to the Evanston Public Library for some new books. I picked up 3 new/old Robert Ludlum books, The Rhinemann Exchange, The Materese Circle, and The Scarlatti Inheritence. They're all due on Sept. 4, so I need to get cracking.
1:00 AM Friday, August 14, 1998
It's late, yet I keep working. I've got a theme for the graphics finallyand all that's left is the tweaking. Since it's going up on servers that do includes, i'm hopefully going to look into server randomization of advertisements.
1:00 AM Friday, August 14, 1998
Server parsed html is my newest toy. Compared to other web designers, it's an old toy. So I guess you can teach a new dog old tricks.
11:10 AM Friday, August 14, 1998
Friday finally appears, and plans for tonight include a showing of The Avengers with Uma Thurman and Sean Connery, at 10:10 PM CST at Old Orchard Sony Theaters. Looking forward to a good movie on good quality film, unlike The Big Leibowski and GI Joe: The Movie, free rentals from Blockbuster which did not play well in the VCR. Current favorite character in Tekken 3: Dr. Boschonovitch.
7:40 PM Friday, August 14, 1998
I'm this close to getting this page completely ready for its debut. But then something else just doesn't seem to agree with me anymore. I'm working with Prohosting, on setting up this page at eric.abando.com which would be really cool, but it just don't seem to be working. Also the interests page is done and I'm up to sophomore year in high school on the history page.
6:13 PM Saturday, August 15, 1998
After a grueling early morning practice in Hyde Park, I made it back north for cold spinach lasagna for lunch and a movie, Fame. It's a really good movie. Lots of storylines that weren't explored, but definitely entertaining. The Avengers last night was interesting. And I'll leave it at that. Tonight is dinner with Ted, Kristen, and Karl, and then cocktails at the Four Seasons downtown. I guess I'm driving.
11:19 PM Sunday, August 16, 1998
After Godzilla practice today, I went and visited my brother going to school at Rush Med. To get there after dropping Tun, an ex Vomit Monkey, off at the Hancock, I made my way south to 290 on lower Wacker Dr. That's an amazing ride. And fun. And to get home I went on 90-94 West north to Dempster instead of the usual Lake Shore to Sheriden.
11:26 PM Sunday, August 16, 1998
Plans for tomorrow include a trip to the Res-hall staff in Scott to discuss my meal plan for the next year. Also on deck is a meeting to look at a possible bar for the apartment. And for the rest of this week, to work on the apartment, to finish the front room, at least prepped for painting. No lazy computer use, no playstation, no movies, just work, apartment, and frisbee. And need to purchase cleaning supplies to clean the bathroom.
1:32 PM Monday, August 17, 1998
Well, it's here, and appears to be finished. So yeah, I'm here for all the web to see, at mine own vanity domain. The plan is updates for my plans, when I'm doing stuff, more factual than imaginary. For all those that are interested, Peter, Paul, and Mary at Ravinia August 29th.
11:56 AM Tuesday, August 18, 1998
Ted and I are planning on going to Nevins tonight after work for a beer. He figures we go in for a couple weeks, get to know the bartender, then bring in the books and before long we got Vespers and Bronx Cocktails and maybe someday a Tom and Jerry. I'm looking for a Guinness before dinner myself. Maybe a Black Velvet. So that's 5:30 at Tommy's.
3:19 PM Tuesday, August 18, 1998
Imagine an NT server running critical network applications without a keyboard or a mouse, as everything for the company, and needing a shutdown and a restart. That's my plan for this weekend, aside from Godzilla practice. Come in to First Midwest Financial Group (it's not quite ready yet) and work on these NT machines. It needs to be better set up than just working.
3:41 PM Tuesday, August 18, 1998
After working on the walls so intently yesterday that I didn't notice gravity which caused my fall from the Nack Family Ladder, I have to go shopping today to purchase a new ladder from Ace Hardware to replace it. Other than a popped out rivet, there was no other damage to the ladder or myself. So that means I can continue patching the walls. Joy of joys.
11:37 AM Wednesday, August 19, 1998
Another Ludlum book down the drain. Next up, Materese Circle. In other news, the Nack family has a brand new aluminum ladder, all the pages here should be fixed and show up as rendered HTML, and no work was done on the apartment last night. None. So now it leaves thursday and friday night to work on the walls and cleaning the bathroom, which is now an option after the purchase of latex gloves.
12:33 PM Thursday, August 20, 1998
Today and tomorrow are all that are left to get the front room at Ridge Warren all prepped for painting. Will it be done? I gave in last night and played a couple rounds of Tekken 3. I was going into withdrawel. I've also started The Materese Circle. Bad idea. But the tub and shower curtain are clean in the bathroom. I'll even look better after my haircut today at Jay's Barbershop in Evanston just off Davis. Also need to get some bleach or ammonia for disinfectant for cleaning the bathroom. Also Bruiser's coming in today and I've got to pay for his keys, or find them.
6:00 PM Thursday, August 20, 1998
Finished another section, my Hairstyles. Warning, the page is >50k. Got some Pinesol for disinfectant, got a bowl brush, a haircut, and some pinapple juice and ginger beer for coctails. So looks like tonight is Moscow Mule night. And it's hot, and I'm going to see if Bruiser's home to throw around some.
1:26 PM Friday, August 21, 1998
Well, the weekend's here and that means work, lots of it. Here's hoping that things go smoothly and I can do this stuff as quick as possible. Plans for today include getting rugs and a table for the kitchen, and some more cereal. We should probably go grocery shopping soon. More work was done on the walls last night in the front room, hopefully by monday we'll be ready to paint. Hopefully.
2:30 AM Sunday, August 23, 1998
Alright, so the server at work can wait another week until something gets done about it. I was busy having fun. So last night Ted and I spent plenty of time working on the walls after going shopping at Builder's Square and Target for rugs, kitchen mats to be specific. This morning and afternoon were spent playing frisbee, a nice 4 1/2 hour practice on the south side. And then after that, when I should have gone into work, I had a beer, a couple beers, a gimlet, played some tekken, and went to The Olive with Magda, Karl, Ted, and Sara Lee, a friend of Magda. It was to swing dance, which was fun. I had myself a Gibson there, which was really good. So all in all, a good day, if not very productive. Tomorrow brings mass, laundry, and more ultimate, and maybe some grocery shopping at night.
12:43 PM Monday, August 24, 1998
Well, today's the day something's going to be done about the server. Has to be done. Wonder what that means about my laundry. I'm actually down to my last pair of underwear. So it looks like it's going to be a long night. A very long day.
2:41 AM Tuesday, August 25, 1998
For those who can't get enough, there's a directory of online journals at diarist.net. As their slogan is, for the voyeur in all of us. And we all are. Well the server restart didn't go that badly, and now I'm just tweaking what's left. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would go. I'm looking forward to getting those cheap imitation chocolate doughnettes for breakfast, or at least a snack.
1:23 PM Wednesday, August 26, 1998
After screwing up my sleep schedule by an 11 hour workday starting at 9 PM Monday night, I'm somewhat back to normal, although it feels like Friday. The Materese Circle was finished a couple days ago and I'm about a ¼ way through The Scarlatti Inheritence. This is the 5th Ludlum book, and maybe it's time I cut back. Maybe later today Ted and I will finally go grocery shopping. And maybe after that work some more on the wallsin the front room.
3:21 PM Wednesday, August 26, 1998
Testing 1, 2, 3. Testing 1, 2, 3.Testing 1, 2, 3. Testing 1, 2, 3.
9:56 PM Wednesday, August 26, 1998
After dinner at That Little Mexican Restaurant, Ted and I went grocery shopping at that lovely new Jewel out on Green Bay. It's got a pretty good produce section and an alright meat section. Ted's one problem? No prepackaged curry.
9:29 PM Thursday, August 27, 1998
I've got to bring the car to the dealer tomorrow, bright and early at 8 AM. I'm thinking a lot needs to be done, so I'll probably be there for hours. I'm not sure what else is planned for tomorrow night.
2:20 PM Friday, August 28, 1998
Well, I brought the car to the dealer for it's 30k mile checkup, and after waiting patiently for three hours, I proceed to get into an accident less than a mile from the dealer. No one was injured, and my car was the only thing damaged. But I don't know when I'll get the car back. Ironic, isn't it.I'm guessing this means long trips on public transportationor no more Godzilla practices for a while. But mobility is definitely limited.
2:00 AM Saturday, August 29, 1998
Well, the kitchen got cleaned, swept and floor wiped, and the front room had more moldings scraped by Ted and I. Overall, a pretty productive evening. Without a car, Godzilla practice is so much furthur away. Need to return the Ludlum books and get some more for all the Metra trips to the south side and maybe 'el' rides to UIC.
2:49 AM Sunday, August 30, 1998
Alright, so I didn't do anything productive today.Well, maybe. Ted and I measured out cabling for the wiring of Ridge Warren. Around 200 ft. Oh, I returned those Ludlum books to the library and got three more new ones, all in preparation for long hours on public transportation. Played a lot of Tekken today, got King's Rolling Death Cradle a couple times. In celebration of Nack moving in the three of us went to Nevin's for dinner. Good food there. Going to try and make it to practice tomorrow. Wish me luck.
8:00 PM Sunday, August 30, 1998
Actually made it out to Godzillapractice today, even close to being on time. I realizethat public transportation is very foreign to me, and now is a good time to change that. This now gives me time to read more Ludlum books, and I just started The Ostermann Weekend today.Tomorrow is more work, and more public transportation.CTA, I love thee.
11:15 AM Monday, August 31, 1998
Looks like Sherman Restaurant for dinner tonight, mostly to annoy Magda, a current waitress there.This also means I won't have to cook tonight.
12:59 PM Tuesday, September 1, 1998
This is my last week of full time work at First Midwest Financial Group. After friday, I become a consultant, and therefore my costs just increased about 100% or more. Benefits of being a 'consultant'. Going to go to Godzilla practice today, catching a ride with Jeremy. So much for the 4 hour commute.
2:42 PM Tuesday, September 1, 1998
Now I've moved onto multi throws. I think I've done all of King's, even the elusive Rolling Death Cradle, and I've now started to do Anna's and Nina's. But before I master those, I'm going to put the Playstation away again so I start working on the walls in the apartment in preparation for my family visiting this weekend.
3:26 AM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Number 6 down. That makes six Ludlum books down the drain. I finished the Ostermann Weekend today after Godzillapractice. In other news, learned some more of Anna and Nina's multi parts before packing up the Playstation. Oh, it's my turn for cooking tomorrow.On tap, Nantucket Fireman's Supper. Hope I don't screw that one up. And my family is coming this sunday to view my apartment and take us out to brunch.
2:19 PM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Number 6 down. That makes six Ludlum books down the drain. I finished the Ostermann Weekend today after Godzillapractice. In other news, learned some more of Anna and Nina's multi parts before packing up the Playstation. Oh, it's my turn for cooking tomorrow.On tap, Nantucket Fireman's Supper. Hope I don't screw that one up. And my family is coming this sunday to view my apartment and take us out to brunch.
2:54 PM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Alright, I think I've got this web admin licked. It's working down pat now, so updates from the non windows world of Ridge Warren are now possible. I think I'm going to get some tequila and some Kalhua brownies for after dinner tonight. Also a snickers before I head home seeing as I haven't eaten anything today. Went to bed at 4:30 AM and started readingTom Clancy's Rainbow Six, a slight deviation from Ludlum.
3:14 PM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Security is paramount, and now has been achieved. There are ways around everything, including problem filled scripts. So the administration of these pages is now secure. Really.
3:46 PM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
More tweaking of the web page. It's always changing, okay, that's a lie. I've added truly random ad banners to the bottom of the pages. And if anyone out there wants to advertise here, please let me know, and I'll add you to the list.
3:51 PM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Alright, I'm done tweaking for a while. I'm satisfied with how the page works. Although on the horizon is an archive script, which should be just around the corner. Maybe this weekend?
10:48 PM Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Journalist. Shot of Tequila. Margarita. Party Punch. Bacardi Cocktail.Gimlet. Tamarind and Rum. Kahlua and milk. All that equals one hell of a night. In other news, the dinner went alright, Ted helped me cook. The only problem was that the Nantucket Fireman's Supper was a little bland. Ted suggests a couple cloves of garlic.
10:44 AM Thursday, September 3, 1998
Kahlua and Vodka with milk. We're all out of Kahlua now. No residual effects from the cocktails this morning. Dishes didn't get done, floor didn't get cleaned in the kitchen. Maybe I'll cut out work early to clean up. Another Godzilla practice, and another ride with Jeremy.
10:00 AM Friday, September 4, 1998
So this is the end. After today, just some odds and ends tying up loose ends for work, but that's it. Now have to concentrate on just school and ultimate and the apartment. In other news, might visit with the triumverate this weekend, up at Marquette.
12:10 PM Friday, September 4, 1998
What's in store? Super Just Games if Karl brings back a car. Grocery shopping, again, if Karl brings back the car. He's also going to try and bring back that used bike I got from him for $5. Or, we could all just hang around the apartment and work on the walls. Touch choice.
9:00 PM Saturday, September 5, 1998
Well, the brief foray into Clancy Land has finished, as Rainbow Sixwas just finished about 5 minutes ago. Last night went to Super Just Games. The only new game they had was Time Crisis II, which isn't all thatnew anyway. Played one game of Tekken 3. Played some ultimate today, but no meeting with old friends from high school. Plans are now for Labor day. Parents and brother are visiting tomorrow, for brunch and hopefully some grocery shopping.
7:59 PM Sunday, September 6, 1998
Well, it's going to try to be on. I'm supposed to go out to Fox Lake to spend the day with James and Case, and now it's just a matter of figuring out how to get out there and how to get back. That's the real challenge.But today, my parents came out, saw the place, liked it, didn't have that much of a problem considering the state that it's in. They also took Karland I grocery shopping, and brought plenty of food from home.
12:14 AM Tuesday, September 8, 1998
Spent the Day out with friends in lovely Fox Lake. Good time with good hosts, the Unverzagts, with good friends, James and Case, and Jen Pope. Maybe this will even be a tradition among friends. The 5 hours of commute is a killer, but I did start another Ludlum book, The Chancellor Manuscript.Tomorrow brings the start of the apartment work week. Should be a blast.
1:56 PM Tuesday, September 8, 1998
Well, instead of getting up early to work on the apartment, I got up and went to my bank, the closest branch of which is in Skokie, or is it Wilmette. Anyway, on the way back I went to Old Orchard and got a nice juicer for the bar. But I'm back now, and with no Godzilla practice today, I've got hours to spend with the walls of Ridge Warren. Oh, and by making some deposits, I can pay the phone bill now, along with the Trib bill.
11:00 AM Wednesday, September 9, 1998
Not quite, but soon. I spent some time yesterday working on the walls, scraping moldings. This morning I finished up The Chancellor Manuscriptand now will spend more time on the walls before Godzilla practice later tonight at UIC.
12:13 AM Thursday, September 10, 1998
Practice went well for me, I thought. Nothing like running around for a couple hours to loosen up the joints. Ordered a second line for the net access in the apartment. It's going to be installed the 22nd of September. That's quite a way aways.
9:31 AM Thursday, September 10, 1998
Patching today. Practice again today. That's it.
1:44 AM Friday, September 11, 1998
Well, I'm still up, after playing ultimate for a couple hours, eating a ham and cheese sandwich and a slice of pizza for dinner, and washing a couple parts of walls, and some Mountain Dews. Oh, and I've been watching Karl and/or Ted play Monkey Island 2 for some time as well. Tomorrow, errr, today brings more work on the apartment and figuring out how I'm going to get out to Tune-Up.
10:28 AM Friday, September 11, 1998
Recompiled my kernel last night, actually this morning at approximately 5:30 AM. Worked the first time through, I was pleasantly surprised. Made the phone call I was supposed to make this morning, and now must go in to get a meal plan for the coming year and get a pair of green shorts to hopefully match my Godzilla jersey. Hopefully I can do some more work on the apartment today, and get to bed early for Tune-Up tomorrow.
4:29 PM Friday, September 11, 1998
The return of Cafeteria food, at least for lunch, is assured. I got a five meal a week board contract today and returned to Alison for lunch. It's sure going to pale in comparison to the steak I'm going to have for dinner. Thanks Mom! In other news, I'm going to have to be at the Sheridan El stop at 7 AM tomorrow morning to hitch a ride to Naperville.Oh, the perils of not having a car. Punishment. I wasn't able to get a pair of green shorts for this weekend either.
8:00 PM Saturday, September 12, 1998
Just got back from Tune-Up today, pretty killer. Good ultimate, hot day, well played. Godzilla went 1-4 today, beating Control Board from DC to not be last place in their pool. Once again I played mostly defensive points and even scored a couple points. And to get home I got a ride from Noel. And it seems like lots of people are back in town, so welcome back to them.
5:31 PM Sunday, September 13, 1998
Godzilla went 2-1 today, winning one by 1 point, and losing the last one by 1 point. To CUT. If we had beaten them I would have no hair right now. Also I'm really tan. And tired. And I dropped the disc on what could have been game point for us.
8:37 PM Monday, September 14, 1998
Pretty much any type of sustained activity results in the begining of a cramp. Hate those first tournaments of the season. Played a little ultimate today, at Deering, tomorrow at Long before going to Godzilla practice. Now, considering how I feel, maybe I should have skipped. Other than that, a little work on the Ghoti page and some work on Ridge Warren.
5:25 PM Tuesday, September 15, 1998
Well, hot box in the afternoon, and Godzilla practice at night. The fun just never stops. So I guess I can't make it to the meeting about building for 3Penny, and I can't work on the apartment.I'll just be playing ultimate for 4 hours today. Loving every minute.
11:28 AM Wednesday, September 16, 1998
I'm sore. An hour of hotbox, followed by an hour and a half of Zilla practice, and I'm tired, and I'm sore. I hurt. Don't let me do this again. Alright, yeah, let me do it again. It is ultimate.
8:56 AM Thursday, September 17, 1998
I'm looking to get a bookshelf today, not just any bookshelf, but a monster of a bookshelf, where I can put everything and the kitchen sink on. After that, I get to go and learn how to build some more sets for Three Penny Opera. Just more ways for me to spend my time. And then more ultimate, both Monkey and Godzilla.
9:00 AM Friday, September 18, 1998
Well, doing laundry right now, and will procede to do some work on the apartment, much like late last night. After that, lunch on campus, maybe pick up an old computer from a friend's dorm room, and then some ultimatebefore dinner at home and an early bedtime.
6:43 PM Friday, September 18, 1998
Hopefully I'll get the sleep I need for this weekend of ultimate. It's a pretty important weekend too, we have to do well. And I have to play as the long that I am. And that is all for this weekend.
6:51 PM Sunday, September 20, 1998
Actually, it wasn't that long, but I now feel like I've been on a long weekend. Godzilla did alright this weekend, going 5-2, losing to Cutters this morning and Z later this afternoon. That puts us in 4th place most likely going to regionals in three weeks down in Naperville. I personally played tired; playing ultimate 5 days inbetween Tune-Up and Sectionals was a very bad idea. But staying with a club team is so much different than travelling with a college team. I had a bed, everyone almost had a bed last night, some of us had Prime Rib for dinner, a dip in the hot tub and the swimming pool made for a very nice night. Tomorrow brings more work on the apartment, which isn't quite finished, and really nothing else. I also need to make an appointment at Jay's for a haircut.
7:49 AM Monday, September 21, 1998
Alright, I've also got an ultimate meeting today and after that lunch. But the choice comes later, work on building a set or work on building the apartment? Do I need a decent place to live or do I need to keep my word and work as stage crew? That's something I'm going to have a tough choice deciding.
12:59 PM Tuesday, September 22, 1998
Didn't get around to arranging for a haircut yesterday, Jay's is closed on mondays. Today, I guess. More work on the apartment, half of my ThinkDifferent posters came today, waiting on the rest of the network cable for the apartment, and no Godzilla practice today, but I do have Vomit Monkey practice.
5:55 PM Wednesday, September 23, 1998
I cooked dinner tonight, Orange Glazed Chicken, with a dessert of German Apple Torte which I actually have to go eat right now. But dinner went well, and I'm still hungry.
10:30 PM Wednesday, September 23, 1998
Well, first day of my last year in college. On monday and wednesday I go 11-12, 1-2, then 2:30-4. US History to 1865, AI Programming, and Building Internet Services, in that order. US History might be interesting, the Professor is definitely good, AI should be good, and BIS should be enjoyableas well. Tomorrow is Operating Systems, which is supposed to be programming intesive. And the usual as well, Vomit Monkey then Godzilla practice. Oh, and I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow at 9:40.
12:42 AM Thursday, September 24, 1998
I made my first ethernet cables tonight. I wired the rest of Ridge Warrenup to the hub, so we're all connected now. The hub lights up like Christmas.It's pretty exciting. I'm a glutton, I put two cables running into my room.
11:34 PM Thursday, September 24, 1998
I was a coach, then a player of ultimate today. Makes it a little difficult today. So now I have to do dishes and clean the bathroom. Tomorrow I go home for a day, to pick up ultimate stuff out of my trunk. So that means a nice train ride, except this time I'm going to try to use the bus to get there. I'm also going to try and get my books tomorrow morning.
9:33 PM Saturday, September 26, 1998
Well, home was nice, as always. Came back with food and green shorts and cones and insoles and pennies and frisbees, but no green bike. Maybe next time. Had to do the dishes when I came back, my turn. I didn't go to a party tonight, want to work on the apartment, but I'm doing this instead. Trying to get the second phone line in the apartment established as well. Tomorrow is a challenge, having to get down to Godzilla practice without any sorts of rides. Should be a long day.
10:58 PM Sunday, September 27, 1998
Should be anyway, just reading I have to do for class. History. New ways of looking at the same stuff. Tomorrow I have to cook, which means warming up food from home, which I think is Cornish Hens. Should be good.Got a full day of class tomorrow, and need to renew a book from the Evanston Public Library and bring others back, and go to the NU Library with my laptop to do some big downloads, mostly NetBSD for my IIsi. Maybe tomorrow night.
7:24 PM Monday, September 28, 1998
I'm at the library, using the bandwidth that my parents' tuition dollars buys me, instead of the measly v.34 at Ridge Warren, which will be more constant considering our second phone line was completely installed today.Performing massive downloads that would be impossible over a modem.
12:31 AM Tuesday, September 29, 1998
The library books due back on the 26th are now 3 days late at least. I still haven't finished The Aquatine Progression. Do I finish it before I return it? Or not?
1:30 AM Wednesday, September 30, 1998
There were troubles accessing the net today, busy signals all over the place. I did laundry tonight, so I've got plenty of clean clothes to play ultimate in. The room is looking a little better, cleaned up anyway.I'm trying to archive all the multimedia stored on the old Mac IIsi, in preparation to set up linux or netBSD on it soon. I'm hoping to use it for at least my C95 Building Internet Service class as my internet server testbox.
4:38 PM Wednesday, September 30, 1998
More public transportation for me, to Godzilla practice. At least now I'll be able to do some reading for my US History class and since my OS assignment was given an extension, I might be able to get some sleep tonight.
9:26 AM Friday, October 2, 1998
The car's ready, or at least, will be tonight. All that's left is the alignment. So I'm going home again, bus train and get the automobile to get back. This definitely makes things a bit easier now.
4:00 PM Saturday, October 3, 1998
Alright, today I do some programming, really. got to learn debugging and compiling all from an emacs window. oh, and an internet client too, and maybe some exercises for AI. Which one gets to be first?
11:00 PM Sunday, October 4, 1998
No programming accomplished. NetBSD installed on a IIsi. Lots of Ultimate played. The car's back. My musings will be the subject of two newpaper articles. I still haven't done any homework. Big week ahead: first substantial programming assignments, intern presentation on Thursday, Club Regionals this weekend, also my first exam in History on Friday.
11:33 PM Tuesday, October 6, 1998
Alright, well OS is out of the way for the week, with an internet client,and maybe some reading for tonight. Godzilla practice was cancelled, which I didn't find out until I got there. I also bruised my right kneecap.I'm icing it right now.
8:00 PM Wednesday, October 7, 1998
So this page and my musings were featured in the Daily Northwestern Focus section today. So welcome to all the new readers. Today I skipped out on Vomit Monkey running and Godzilla practice to rest my bruised knee. Currently I'm working on an assignment for my C95 Building Internet Systemsclass which is due at Midnight.
11:57 PM Thursday, October 8, 1998
Well, the week is almost done. All that's left is an exam, some Lisp coding, and Regionals. I watched Some Kind of Wonderful after classtoday. It's a good movie, like an 80's version of Trojan War. I had macaroni and cheese for dinner, and watched some more cable, and tried to get some AI homework done tonight.
12:00 AM Saturday, October 10, 1998
Too bad it's already over. So this week is almost over, just an ultimate tourney left. Karl and I went grocery shopping today, finally. And I went to some party instead of going to bed. Such is college life.
12:18 AM Saturday, October 10, 1998
The tourney tomorrow is in Naperville, about an hour from e-town. For anyone without anything to do, come out and watch some good ultimate, the best in the region, fight it out at the Naperville Polo fields right off 59 on 119th.
5:10 PM Sunday, October 11, 1998
Well, Godzilla ended yesterday. Now I can concentrate on the NU team. I got about 11 hours of sleep last night, hopefully I've caught up to mylack of sleep. Now it's another week, and more classes and homework.
4:22 PM Monday, October 12, 1998
I was looking to get garbage bags and order another bookshelf for my room after class today, but didn't. Osco didn't have the bag size we need and Affordable portables didn't have the bookshelf I'm looking for. And then I was supposed to do some C25 Lisp exercises, but got Apache running under NetBSD instead. At least I didn't watch any cable.
11:18 PM Monday, October 12, 1998
Watching cable right now, my first episode of Sliders since it was on Fox.And I think it'll be my last. There was an MSCL marathon on earlier. But we had guests and entertained instead.
1:25 PM Tuesday, October 13, 1998
Tuesdays are now dress up days for me. Today was grey slacks, black dress shoes, white dress shirt, tie and blue sweater vest.
1:00 AM Thursday, October 15, 1998
So much for easy assignments. Taking three CS classes is now starting to seem like a bad idea. And it's not even project time. I handed in my first incomplete assignment in programming, late no less. There's another due in a week, and an OS assignment due a week from today. I'm going to Ann Arbor this weekend for an Ultimate tourney, and it's difficult trying to get hotel rooms for the team to stay at.
1:48 AM Friday, October 16, 1998
Of all the things I do here at NU, school isn't one of them. I took the night off tonight, after a long ultimate practice, ate dinner, watched cable, did the dishes. Leaving tomorrow for University of Michigan for an ultimate tourney, won't return until Sunday.
9:10 AM Monday, October 19, 1998
Well, I ran into an air conditioner Saturday morning and my knee subsequently swelled up. It's just a bruise, but it prevented me from playing Sunday. Other than that, the tourney went alright. I've got to go into work this evening, after I cook, errr, warm up dinner.
11:36 PM Monday, October 19, 1998
Grocery shopping tonight. Not many food stuffs, more supplies than anything. Jello really. And an ice pick. Didn't go into work tonight, going to Schaumberg tomorrow afternoon. Musings were mentioned in the Globe online yesterday. Need to set up a time to get a haircut.
8:46 PM Tuesday, October 20, 1998
Another dress up day, this time I went academic with earth tones and a sweater vest and jacket. I didn't go into work today, planning on next week instead. Still have lots to do, but watched The Spanish Prisoner this afternoon and part of Volcano. And of course, watched Felicity.
4:25 PM Wednesday, October 21, 1998
Instead of pulling an all nighter working on an assigment I should have started a week ago, I'll spend the next three days working on it. Gotta love extensions. I've got an appointment for a haircut tomorrow, at Jay's.Maybe someday I'll even get my hair cut by Jay.
7:27 PM Wednesday, October 21, 1998
Karl, Matt, and I are going to see Ronin tonight at 9:45pm at the Old Orchard Theaters. Without a real assignment due tomorrow, I just keep on slacking.
10:17 PM Thursday, October 22, 1998
At ultimate practice today, I worked on hucking; forehand, backhand, mostlyforehand today. I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Going to try and get 8 hours of sleep tonight, in preparation for a long day tomorrow.
6:00 PM Friday, October 23, 1998
I'm programming all sorts of interesting things for OS. Right now I've got 17 hours left before it's got to be handed in. Plenty of time. I've got Apple Demo Days tomorrow from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at CompUSA in Skokie tomorrow. And I need to do some things for work tomorrow.
10:39 PM Sunday, October 25, 1998
Went out for dinner at Omegas and a walk on the beach up near Bah'ai with a certain someone Saturdaynight. It went well, I thought.
10:41 PM Sunday, October 25, 1998
Now it's my turn with 3 midterms, OS on Tuesday, BIS on Wednesday, History on Friday, along with a BIS assignment due Friday. Oh, and I can't slack on the sleep since I'll be driving to Ohio this weekend. It's going to make for an interesting week.
12:00 AM Tuesday, October 27, 1998
Well, in what may have been a second date (accidental but official enough)with that certain someone, Ted and I doubled in a Northwestern Date, studying at Kafein.
12:10 AM Tuesday, October 27, 1998
Today after lunch I'll be heading to Schaumberg to do some dial up work and maybe some shopping at Woodfield. I'm hoping to come back with a seltzer bottle. Also tomorrow is a Sam's Club run to follow up the groceryrun last night.
11:42 PM Tuesday, October 27, 1998
Well, the Sam's club run was completed. Ridge Warren now has plenty of butter, bacon, and hand soap. No laundry was done tonight either. Other things had preoccupied me.
1:18 PM Wednesday, October 28, 1998
Dropped my first class at NU today. I'm no longer enrolled in C25 AI programming. That frees up time for 2 hour lunches at Saga.
12:29 AM Thursday, October 29, 1998
I now have clean clothes, although my socks just will never be white again.I've now only got one midterm left, and an assignment due Friday. There's also the Job Fair tomorrow night at the Omni Orrington. So it would be nice to have a resume to hand out to future employers. Oh well.
11:20 PM Thursday, October 29, 1998
After a very wet ultimate practice with the women, and a little work with the guys, I went home after getting soaked by a downpour. I then went intothe Omni for the job fair and walked around amazed by the meat market of college grads, or soon to be college grads. Amazing.
3:29 PM Monday, November 2, 1998
After a wonderful long weekend in Ohio, I'm back. And soon I'll be going again. Cake concert tonight, at The Vic, 7:30pm, Q101 all ages show.
3:31 PM Tuesday, November 3, 1998
Tuesdays, besides dress up days (which i skipped today) might become thrift store days as well. I brought Nick to a couple places down on Chicago, and picked up a fruit basket, maroon sweater and a red sweater vest.
11:54 PM Tuesday, November 3, 1998
On tap for next quarter, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, MWF10, and Introduction to the World Wide Web, MWF 11. Currently looking for a TTH 10:30-12, to complete my senior winter quarter.
3:14 PM Thursday, November 5, 1998
Friday is right around the corner, and I'm going to the circus tomorrow night. I've also got to go in to work to get some money, and I also have to get rid of some hold on my registration. I also have to find something to do with my Saturday, seeingas that I have absolutely nothing planned for the day.
8:12 AM Friday, November 6, 1998
I wonder why I do these things. A late night visit, and some homework thatfinally got worked on kept me up all night. What is also surprising is the soreness of my legs, and the ease at which they cramp.
1:59 PM Saturday, November 7, 1998
I had crepes for breakfast, and stayed in bed for most of the day. I wanted the time off. Going to do some shopping, maybe come back with a closet organizer, a garbage can for my room, a half circle chair, a dresser, or maybe just some sheets for the toga party tonight.
11:00 PM Sunday, November 8, 1998
It's creeping up on me I think. The lack of sleep and running ragged might be taking it's toll on my body. Time to drink up the OJ. Got to go into work after lunch today, 'cause I didn't go in on Friday. And I've got to figure out what to cook for dinner.
11:23 PM Sunday, November 8, 1998
Shopping on Saturday was fairly fruitful. Instead of the planned purchases, I got a carpet for my room, and cocktail glasses. The half circle chair wouldn't fit in my car with the carpet, so it'll have to wait.
6:40 PM Monday, November 9, 1998
I'm getting that much closer to having Debian on my IIsi up and running. It's been a long and arduous process, but I'll soon have my own little sandbox for doing my projects on for my CIS minor.
11:00 PM Tuesday, November 10, 1998
Laundry was done today, so all my clothes are clean, supposedly. I'm also trying to clean my closet, and reorganize. Time is passing way too quickly and I'm looking forward to the harsh winter to come.
7:19 PM Wednesday, November 11, 1998
Instead of waiting in line to get free pizza from Carmen's tonight, I made dinner, chicken parmesan, without the cheese. It was good, but not free. So much for being patient.
1:26 PM Thursday, November 12, 1998
The weekend's right around the corner, and work is continually piling up. Projects I keep pushing off to tomorrow are going to be due soon. Tomorrow I'm going to try and go to a Microsoft Seminar on Data Warehousing and SQL 7.0 with Adam Grayson. And then maybe Meet Joe Black at night.
5:44 PM Sunday, November 15, 1998
Meet Joe Black was most likely sold out, so I went and saw Lolita at the 3Penny theater. It was a pretty good movie, even if it was disturbing. Had a mini ultimate tournament among the Vomit Monkeys on Saturday, and went to Kafein that night and got Apache up and running on compass. Went grocery shopping today. Most likely a Sam's Club run tomorrow night.
12:24 AM Tuesday, November 17, 1998
Sam's Club and another Jewel run completed. 15 lbs. of pasta. 1.5 gallons of OJ. 36 pop tarts for $4. Gotta love Sam's Club. Dinner went well, potatoes au gratin with pork chops in a brown sauce with peas and pearl onions and corn with peach pie a la mode for dessert. I'm liking to cook more and more. Tomorrow is a thrift shop run possibly.
2:00 PM Tuesday, November 17, 1998
Two bangs for the single buck, tonight, 8pm, 600 N. Michigan, Adam Sandler's Waterboy preceeded and followed by the Star Wars: The Phantom Menance trailer. Oh yeah.
11:23 PM Thursday, November 19, 1998
Yet another run to Sam's Club this week, brings the hours spent in grocery type stores to 4. Going downtown tomorrow to help friends sign their leasewith Parliment. Possibly going to BK tonight.
4:22 PM Tuesday, December 1, 1998
So the project presentation has been delayed until Thursday morning. Which means I can spend even more time on it now. But it's definitely working, at least. The library tonight for a 56MB download, Grim Fandango demo, and maybe some fonts.
1:32 PM Friday, December 4, 1998
Cleaned my room this morning, went to lunch, and working on the project and selling discs at the Plex from 3-4 pm. Going to a party tonight at Diversy.
11:10 PM Saturday, December 5, 1998
Trying do to my project, didn't step outside on this gorgeous 70 degree weather day, but saw the end of George of the Jungle on Disney during a break. Had some bacon for dinner.
11:40 AM Monday, December 7, 1998
With no Finals, you'd think Finals week would be a breeze. Not so. Assignments 1 and 2 resubmissions for OS due Wednesday, BIS project presentation today at 3, BIS project paper by Thursday, BIS Assignment 2 resubmission by Thursday, and a final project for OS by Midnight on Friday. But after that, I'm done. And then I can work on the Apartment.
7:28 AM Tuesday, December 8, 1998
I went last night and gave my brother my car, cause his is in the shop for a while. Got back to Ridge Warren at 6:30am. Did some work last night. Presentation is done. Just programs left now. And that presentation paper.
1:00 AM Wednesday, December 9, 1998
I've never done so much coding in such a short period of time in my life.Maybe this is preparation for a job. But coding, with short breaks here and there is all I get. I guess I could handle it. Yesterday was the last dress up Tuesday for my last Fall Quarter at NU. Oh, and it was the Feastof the Immaculate Conception yesterday as well.
4:00 AM Wednesday, December 9, 1998
Finally finished Assignment 1 from OS. Just about a month and a half afterit was due. But finished, understood, and completed. By yours truly.