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4:22 PM Tuesday, December 1, 1998
So the project presentation has been delayed until Thursday morning. Which means I can spend even more time on it now. But it's definitely working, at least. The library tonight for a 56MB download, Grim Fandango demo, and maybe some fonts.
1:32 PM Friday, December 4, 1998
Cleaned my room this morning, went to lunch, and working on the project and selling discs at the Plex from 3-4 pm. Going to a party tonight at Diversy.
11:10 PM Saturday, December 5, 1998
Trying do to my project, didn't step outside on this gorgeous 70 degree weather day, but saw the end of George of the Jungle on Disney during a break. Had some bacon for dinner.
11:40 AM Monday, December 7, 1998
With no Finals, you'd think Finals week would be a breeze. Not so. Assignments 1 and 2 resubmissions for OS due Wednesday, BIS project presentation today at 3, BIS project paper by Thursday, BIS Assignment 2 resubmission by Thursday, and a final project for OS by Midnight on Friday. But after that, I'm done. And then I can work on the Apartment.
7:28 AM Tuesday, December 8, 1998
I went last night and gave my brother my car, cause his is in the shop for a while. Got back to Ridge Warren at 6:30am. Did some work last night. Presentation is done. Just programs left now. And that presentation paper.
1:00 AM Wednesday, December 9, 1998
I've never done so much coding in such a short period of time in my life.Maybe this is preparation for a job. But coding, with short breaks here and there is all I get. I guess I could handle it. Yesterday was the last dress up Tuesday for my last Fall Quarter at NU. Oh, and it was the Feastof the Immaculate Conception yesterday as well.
4:00 AM Wednesday, December 9, 1998
Finally finished Assignment 1 from OS. Just about a month and a half afterit was due. But finished, understood, and completed. By yours truly.
Archive of <December> <1998> [reverse chronological]