flux is a vector, unit vector sometimes, tangent to the plane of reality, or is that normal but anyway, there's no really good television on at 6:30 am, except for videos that display blurred out nudity, at 6:30 am. the sun isn't quite out yet, at 6:30am, and there really aren't that many cars out on the road either, at 6:30am, the world is quiet, and peaceful, if only for a moment at 6:30 am, but then again, at 6:30 am it's 6:30 am, which is that blurry time for college students, noone is up then, and if they are it's because they never went to bed, and they weren't getting up then, at 6:30am, morning or night? it was difficult to tell, it was dark the entire time, and yet now, the sun's out, the snow's supposed to fly, and i'm not entirely conscious of reality, things blur, like a photoshop plug-in.
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