rapidly and quickly, faced with grim and utter determination, the queen looked at the dragon she had vanquished, back to her sword, and smiled quietly to herself. dead, and gone. her manservant brought her their griffin, and softly leaped into the sky, leaving the carcass for the vultures. the birds will feast well tonight. how things change, she mused, at which point, overcome with pains shooting from her shoulders, she tumbles from her mount, falling, screaming, writhing in agony, her servant grabbing the reigns and steering the beast up, to a better vantage point, to see his beauty spread her own wings, taking great sweeps of air and catching up to him. wings, she thought, i've got wings. she looks good with wings, he thought, the feathers do wonders with her eye color. gunfire erupts below, as cannons spit fire and lasers crisscross the landscape, dotted with warriors, some metallic, others satanic, maybe even slayers. beep beep beep. her wrist started glowing, and instantly was she transported to a land far away, while the other members of the team beamed in around her. so you finally got your wings, they say. they look around, greeting old friends and new faces in the UN Assembly. we have been gathered, once again, because an age old evil has arisen. doesn't it always.
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