What exactly are musings, and why are they so confusing? Well, I write about things that I muse about. Things that bother, things that make me feel, things that hurt, and even sometimes things that make me smile. But to protect the innocent, or the guilty, I use metaphor. I try to be very dramastic. Imagery in words helps me express myself. Sometimes, if you know me in real life, and take part in my daily offline life, you can figure out what I'm writing about. Sometimes. Othertimes, not even I can decipher what I was trying to say at the time. So why do I keep it up? Creative outlet. Expression of self. Some cases, catharsis.

A brief history: Musings started in 1998, my junior year of college. Instead of a whiteboard on my dorm door, I used a chalkboard, to be different. Well, one day, with nothing better to do, and feeling a bit pensive, I just started writing on my board. Stream of consciousness, probably about a girl, but thoughts, feelings, musings. And after doing this a couple times, and getting a couple compliments, I decided to bring it online, to make it easier to write, and to have a more permanent record of them. So at first it was hosted on my ISP account, typed and modified by hand. I used to have a opening page with another header image, that always linked to the most current musing. Later I moved to a slightly automated version using perl scripts, but I still had to log on to the ISP machines to do it. Then that summer I got my domain, set up my web page, and did musings via cgi-bin in perl. Probably a year or so later, I moved it all into PHP with a MySQL backend, all via web forms. Which is where we are today.
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