10:28 PM Saturday, February 24, 2024
Blaine Gala was fun last night. Not sure if my body soreness today is from the dancing or from an oncoming flu. Tested negative for COVID this morning, just to check. Didn’t go to the afterparty (which for our group ended up at A.J. Hudson’s, and came home and worked for like 4 hours. Got most of the things working again. I think. Still some nagging issues. Definitely tried to do some work at the Gala on my phone, but not super productive. Did get a nap in this afternoon. Started watching Percy Jackson & The Olympians. Three episodes in, and it’s pretty good. Starting to forget the previous actors from the movies who played those characters. Wish I could just completely forget the movies even existed and come at it with fresh eyes.
9:35 PM Thursday, February 22, 2024
Feels like scramble mode. Got a big work project tomorrow. And the Blaine Gala. I guess just those 2 things. But when they’re stacked, makes it feel crazy. Otherwise, Lucy has regionals this weekend. Jackson has his i9 basketball on Saturday and Northwind soccer game on Sunday. Finally did my laundry today. Actually did a load of whites, and things came out gleaming. Also took steps to remove some ring around the collar, which worked. Next up is paring my closet.
9:52 PM Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Did more walking than usual today. Besides a couple treadmill walks, did a longish walk to Target after dropping the kids off at soccer practice. Went all the way over by Loyola, to their tiny Target to get bleach. Needed some to do a first real load of whites since I have no idea when. Otherwise, need to do more laundry, I’m starting to actually run out of clothes. Well, starting to run out of pants. I actually some of my swrve pants, for the first time in a long time.
8:44 PM Tuesday, February 20, 2024
So whatever illness is going around, taking out half of Hudson’s class, sending Serafina’s family to the hospital, or just Matilda’s COVID, it’s all getting closer to my family. So just waiting until it hits. Fingers crossed we still get to go to the Blaine Gala on Friday and Lucy still gets to swim regionals this weekend. Not sure what I’m wanting to do activity/diet wise. Feel like trying something new again, but at least keeping up with the walking. I think that’s good. Maybe I’ll get back to rucking again, if doing that in short sessions works as well. Definitely finding my walking speed is increasing in general. Definitely strange.
10:00 PM Monday, February 19, 2024
Jackson had in effect a LAN party at the house today. They played Fortnite on 2 Switches and dual screened on a PS5. Theoretically, could have had 2 more Switches join the party? Or at least 1 more. But kind of cool. At least they weren’t screaming across the house. Wonder how cheap a real setup would cost, maybe 2 more screens? Maybe if we ever upgrade the TVs in the family room and master bedroom, just move them to the basement, and Bob’s your uncle. Also snagged some Domino’s for them. I keep forgetting how much I like their thin crust, and how bad their wings are. I’m getting tempted by the whole VShred marketing campaign, but I really don’t want to have to go to a gym to do a full workout plan. Maybe if I was still a member at Movement.
12:02 AM Monday, February 19, 2024
Finally made it to The Violet Hour for drinks Saturday night. Good drinks, only had a couple, but had to have a pour of the George T. Stagg 2022. Probably the only chance I’ll ever get to have it, and it was absolutely amazing. Like wow, jaw droppingly good. Jackson also had an i9 basketball game on Saturday, new winter session started. No soccer game this weekend, but had to get up and go drive my parents to church and get breakfast with them on my dad’s birthday. Otherwise a pretty lazy weekend. Kids don’t have school tomorrow. I did manage to keep up with my exercise over the weekend, which is a pretty good step in the right direction.
9:11 PM Friday, February 16, 2024
Tried out Kung Fu Tea today, kids got the Cat Noir’s Cocoa Cataclysm, the closest they had to a brown sugar milk tea. It’s ok. Still looking for a replacement for Tea Ninja that’s relatively close by. Next time going to try Bambu. Looks like they have something like might be similar to halo-halo. Jackson also got McDonald’s today, the double Big Mac, a limited time only sandwich. It was pretty big. Killed off another whiskey bottle today, starting to get some room on the shelf again.