10:19 PM Saturday, March 23, 2024
Took Jackson and Hudson to the robotics class that Dave took them to 3 weeks ago. Pretty cool seeing how easy it is using a Raspberry Pi. Seriously, just an IDE and Python. Anyway, that was pretty much the first half of the day, then lunch at Bonchon, then home for a bit before heading to Jackson's last i9 basketball game, and picked up McDonald's for dinner for Jackson and me. Then finally some couch time. Got all my exercise in today though, but definitely ate a lot, so that's coming out a wash.
10:10 PM Friday, March 22, 2024
Just another Friday. Did Jackson's laundry, since I didn't have to do it Wednesday since he skipped soccer practice. Last indoor soccer practice of the year. Dunkin was actually busy so I didn't sit there and work. Instead I came back and worked a little at Chicago Futsal Academy. Picked up drinks from Bambu. That's Lucy's favorite of the new boba places we've tried. I'd say it's the most interesting as well. Finished up a couple more Mission: Impossible movies and just have the latest one to watch. Those and watching Silo is a lot of Rebecca Ferguson, not to mention watching Dune Parts 1 and 2 a couple weeks ago.
10:56 PM Thursday, March 21, 2024
I've been thinking of divesting my  stock, mainly because of the DMA in the EU, but now with the DoJ anti trust lawsuit, well, I think I've missed my window. But I'm still way up so could probably do it anyway. Huh, I just checked what happened to MSFT during their antitrust lawsuit, and looking back, doesn't seem to have moved the needle that much. And considering where MSFT is now, might be worth it to hold AAPL, as long as I continue to believe in them. Anyway, Spring Break starts tomorrow after school. Jackson's back on Northwind SC 2013 P4 again. Guess he'll hopefully get to play with Hudson and Serafina with the Blaine team next year as 5th graders.
9:11 PM Wednesday, March 20, 2024
I was doing really well with diet and exercise, actually came out of last weekend not having gained any of the previous week's losses back, and then I go and gain it all back by Wednesday. And I was trying to be good before Spring Break. I ordered the wrong replacement keycap for the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, so I tried Apple Lincoln Park to see if they had any, but they didn't. So I went ahead and ordered the right ones, and hopefully they'll come in time before vacation, otherwise, it'll be pretty annoying if I have to do any work on vacation.
9:42 PM Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Did some outside walking today, instead of just treadmill rucks today. Mailed my ballot, then a Jewel run at lunchtime. Then picked up Noodles & Company for the evening walk. Just walks though, no rucks. Been tempted to get a Fujinon XF27mmF2.8 R WR pancake lens, thinking I'd be more likely to carry the Fujifilm X-E4 around more. It's been flipping availability on Amazon (from Amazon.com) repeatedly over the past week, but delivery wasn't before vacation, except recently. And now it becomes randomly available, as well as pricing fluctuating between MSRP and secondary. Maybe I'll just wait until supply stabilizes (which is weird for a lens that's 3 years old).
8:18 PM Monday, March 18, 2024
Stayed up way too late last night, so need to get back on schedule to recover from Saturday night still. Did get my exercise in today, so that helps. Got my dad another Apple Watch. Hopefully this one sticks around. I did walk home after dropping it off and the car with my parents, and stopped by Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken for a blueberry crumb donut and a coffee. Now on Mission: Impossible III on my MI journey. Wow was 2 bad. Although it does make me want to watch Face/Off.
10:15 PM Friday, March 15, 2024
Cake is mostly done. Just have to add the chocolate drip tomorrow. Made some sausage rolls too. Not quite how I remember them, but not bad. Really just pigs in a blanket. Driving the kids to tryouts in the morning, but don't have to pick them up, so I can continue prep in the morning. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time tomorrow, but I think I should be fine. Probably do my mise en place in the morning. Figure I should have the stout pie done by 3:30 before Jackson's basketball game. Getting tempted by that $750 M1 MacBook Air at Walmart. Would be nice to have an Apple Silicon Mac in the house, although getting a brand new one that's 3 years old is hard to swallow.