10:46 PM Sunday, <June 30>, <2024
Maybe time to update again. So what's new since the eclipse? Lucy graduated 8th grade. Summer started with camps and stuff. I've been eating worse and not exercising and putting on the pounds. Realized I no longer have a bourbon collection, but rather an Irish Whiskey collection. Went ahead and installed a developer beta on the Apple Vision Pro. Got Lucy an Apple Watch. Finally have someone to share Fitness activity with. She probably uses it more than I do. Jackson did a School of Rock camp and might be interested in drumming. Figured out how to soft boil eggs for ramen. Lucy found out she can eat fish. Did another soccer tourney in St. Louis with Jackson. Had another hibachi team dinner. Did a bunch of chaperoning for LTAC Bowling. Had Chicago style hot dogs for a couple weeks. Lucy also got her Herbst appliance and expanders out, and swapped in braces. And currently working my way through the Terminator Universe, currently on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Oh, finally won on eBay a Brydge 12.9 Max+ keyboard. I had been using the MacBook Air, because the Magic Keyboard for the 12.9" iPad had a bum left shift key. Bad enough that I didn't want to use it. This Brydge keyboard is nice, maybe just because it works. Otherwise it's so much bigger and heavier than the Magic Keyboard. Not sure if I want to invest in another Magic Keyboard, or maybe wait and get a new M4 13 iPad Pro. Although being on a Mac has been nice. Also started using my old NUC as a work computer (Jump Desktop into my work desktop has been getting slower and slower). When using Jump on the MacBook Air I don't have to BootCamp into Windows anymore. Also because I'm watching more stuff on the Apple Vision Pro, I've been upgrading videos on Plex to 4K where available and deemed necessary. And now I have to shuffle things around because I'm running out of space. First world problems.