9:28 PM Monday, <July 1, <2024
Picked up Lucy and Matilda from swim practice. Then after a quick bite and some packing, brought Lucy to lifeguard camp. Had to do some work, even though I'm on PTO. Just the important stuff for now. Got Jackson a new mouse (gaming?) and keyboard (mechanical). I guess baby steps to getting rid of the Mac stuff for him. Maybe at the 5 year mark I'll look into getting a replacement PC for him. Swapped out the basement can light warm white bulbs for daylight temps. Such a different feel now. Definitely feels like I'll be more awake more when I'm back to work. Also got a bunch of other random Amazon purchases. Excited to try the oil sprayer. Got a smaller fan that should be better for working at my desk. Got a USB-C retractable cord for my desk, oh and a USB AA Battery replacer, so I can just plug in my trackpad jiggler.