9:10 PM Thursday, <April 4>, <2024
Spring Break was fun, but surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, didn't catch up on sleep at all. I'm still way behind on getting a full night's sleep. But Costa Rica was a good time. Fun times with the Thorngrens. Figured out way too late that my Fujifilm X-T5 does panoramic photos. Also brought way too much camera gear that didn't get used. I did manage to do a 7 Minute Workout twice, but did a lot of hiking the first 2 full days, so think I got enough exercise for vacation. Didn't really come back with anything except bug bites that are still really itchy. Pretty annoying. Also didn't come back wildly overweight, which is a change. Otherwise, back to the grind for work this week. Not so much for the kids though; Lucy's swim season doesn't start until next week and Jackson's first outdoor practice got cancelled since it was rain/snowing on Wednesday.