10:20 PM Tuesday, <April 4>, 2023
Found my happy place in New Orleans, the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. Had my first Ramos Gin FIzz. Yummy, and I’ll finally try making it at home. Hoping I get to go back later this week. Went on a paddleboat tour this morning. Managed to drop and break my Fujifilm X-E3, and lose part of it and the 55-200 zoom lens off the side of the boat. Kept most of the body so had all the pictures. Maybe a blessing in disguise. I’ve been thinking about upgrading, and it was 6 years old at this point. So I think a Fujifilm X-T5 is in my future. At least I’ve got all my other prime lenses still. Went in the pool for the first time this trip. My longish hair is pretty annoying. Will be much more manageable once I can keep it in a bun or a ponytail. Some pizza from Willie’s Pizza and Wings hit the spot for a late lunch. Twilight walking ghost tour was interesting. Nice to hear some background on Voodoo, aside from the references I read in Neuromancer and Wild Cards . Dinner at a little hole in the wall Italian place called Frank’s Restaurant. Nothing special.