10:56 PM Wednesday, <April 5>, 2023
Changing of the guards. Got to sleep in, which was nice. Got breakfast downstairs, had a nice breakfast sandwich. I’ve been drinking coffee all week. And not eating a lot of fruits or veggies. Although Tracy was nice enough to order me a fruit cup with breakfast when she saw how small my sandwich was. So that was nice. Had to scramble to pack, think we forgot Jackson’s pajamas, since we switched hotels. Jackson went with Hudson and Dave while I helped bring our suitcases to the JW Marriot. Then I went back and joined the boys for a trip to The National WWII Museum. Pretty cool, and could have definitely spent a lot of time there, watching and reading, but since we had the boys only hit up the guns, airplanes and tanks. Chilled a bit before Dave and Hudson left for the airport. Met up with the Thorngrens and went to dinner at Kingfish. Had some rice and beans and southern fried chicken, which was pretty good. Not sure what other New Orleans cuisine that I haven’t had yet, but haven’t seen turtle soup yet. Finally got some beignets at Cafe du Monde, and yeah, they’re pretty good. Finished the night off with drinks at the lobby bar while the kids hung out up in the kids room.