11:50 PM Thursday, <April 6>, 2023>
Got to sleep in again. Repeated breakfast, although at a different location, at Ruby Slipper. Had their Peacemaker bennie (Eggs Couchon and Chicken St. Charles). Pretty good. While waiting for a table I went back up to check on a couple things we forgot at the Hyatt Centric, but couldn’t check in the room or something. Took a bus out toe Lafitte for an airboat bayou tour. Saw more alligators this time. Wish we had splurged and taken the smaller airboat instead of the bigger one. Napped when we got back. Dinner was pretty good at Luke’s, and we left the kids again and went back to the Sazerac Bar. Was able to try an official Brown Derby (I like mine/Anders Erickson’s better) and a Paper Plane (better than mine)