10:46 PM Friday, <April 7>, 2023
Another day to sleep in. Worried about rain/thunderstorms all day. Took the street car out to Tacos & Beer for lunch. Street cars were also super packed. After the Thorngrens got on, they told us to take the next until Tracy was screaming out to the Thorngrens and then he let us on. Good tacos. Then it started raining, which put a damper on plans to walk around the Garden District. Audibled and went to Mardi Gras World. And of course it stopped raining. Back to the hotel with a brief stop for beignets at Benny’s. Then some swimming at the hotel (cold). Another Lyft to dinner at Saba and got a nice little Garden District tour on the way out. Food was amazing and ate too much before heading back. Looked for Belle Epoche, but they were closed for a wedding, and ended up at Patrick’s Bar Vin.