10:12 PM Saturday, <April 8>, 2023>
Home. Actually slept through the night, and got up to pick up breakfast takeout from Streetcar Cafe. Normal diner food for the most part. Took the trolley out to The National WWII Museum. Busier than when I went earlier in the week. Got in the 2nd time for just $7, since we came back within a week. Did the Arsenal of Democracy and The D-Day Invasion of Normandy exhibits that we missed last time. Lucy and Emmy went through another section. Way too much information, could go back and spend a couple of days there easy. Ate at The American Sector for lunch again, one last shrimp po’boy. Then back to the hotel to pack before heading out to the airport. Security was pretty long, but no issues, except I was supposed to take all my electronics out of my bag, which was different from just having to put big electronic devices out separately like when we flew down from Midway. I guess next time to err on the side of caution and take everything out always. Made it home with no issues to a nice clean house and food in the fridge (Thanks Mom and Dad!). And now bedtime in my own bed after a shower in my own shower.