10:12 PM Sunday, <April 9>, 2023
Pleasantly surprised. Not sure what I was expecting from New Orleans, but I’d go back. It’d probably be even better without kids, as the main draws are the food, drink, and The National WWII Museum, all not necessarily kid friendly things. Loved the Sazerac Bar. Would be willing to spend all my money there. Did I mention I spied some Pappy Van Winkle on one of the shelves? Oysters, local to the region, were amazing. Very very tasty. There’s lots more cocktail bars and restaurants to drink and eat through. Until next time. I haven’t run the numbers yet though, but I think it was a pretty expensive week. And tomorrow, back to the grind. Gotta get back on the exercise horse, and a proper regular diet. Hopefully won’t be too jarring.