10:15 AM Monday, February 1, 2016
Finished up Jessica Jones. Good stuff. Impressed. The Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe stufff is great. Compared to the broadcast TV stuff, only experience is with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which meandered a bit, but I haven't see Season 3 yet, and I haven't started Agent Carter, but maybe the self containedness of the Netflix stuff just makes it much better. Like a 13 hour movie than a TV show. Or maybe the ability to binge watch, without commercials, allows me to enjoy it more. Either way, looking forward to Luke Cage and Iron Fist and The Defenders and Season 2 of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Watched a couple relatively new movies, Entourage and San Andreas. Enjoyable. Gives me something to do while waiting for Jackson to fall asleep (he's in the crib at least by himself, but still needs me in the room at least to fall asleep, and if he wakes up to get back to sleep, so steps in the right direction). Old Condo now on the market. Someone buy please? Thanks. Getting sick again, still haven't started biking again, although I did bring back the Xtracycle back to the house and actually used it to bring the kids over the the purple monkey bar playground on Saturday when it was really nice out. Did some clothes shopping (finally got some more pants) and want to learn how to hem my own pants.
10:29 PM Saturday, January 23, 2016
Finally got OpenVPN set up on the Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite at home, so now I can connect remotely without issues. Pretty cool. Got Jackson sleeping in his room for the first time since we moved. Only climbed out like 8 times, and only cried for an hour. Have to wait and see what time he wakes up tomorrow. Gonna be the first time sleeping with Tracy without a kid in a long time. Maybe I'll unpack clothes tonight. Started watching Jessica Jones on Netflix. Good stuff. It's just good TV, with superpowers. Got a new Apple TV. It's pretty cool. Plex is pretty cool. First game installed was Just Dance Now. Also pretty cool. Fingers crossed Amazon Video shows up eventually. Then maybe retire the 3rd generation Apple TV. The Computer/Home Sharing is pretty slow in scrolling and doesn't keep my spot when browsing the listing. Hoping that gets fixed, or maybe I'll move all non iTunes Purchases into Plex and out of iTunes. Realizing other bonuses from living in a house? Putting lots of beer in the basement fridge.
11:02 PM Sunday, January 17, 2016
Watched the first episode of Jessica Jones. More good stuff to watch. Intense. Forgot to mention I finished off Continuum a week or so ago. Fairly satisfying ending. Finally got some cardboard bricks for myself, I mean, for the kids. Found some at HomeGoods so had to get them. Surprised at the construction quality. Wonder if I should use one as a stencil and make even more with all the moving boxes. Getting another humidifier for the house. Probably should get a bunch. It gets dry up in here. Getting confused by the weather. I was actually all set for a mild winter, then we get wind chill advisories 3 days after 40 degree weather. Go figure. Still haven't biked to work since November 16. Yikes. 2 months. Guess I should get back to it.
10:24 PM Saturday, January 16, 2016
Completely forgot that Shadowhunters and The Magicians (tv show) were starting in January. I started watching The Magicians, and while there are some differences I'm hooked 15 minutes in. Haven't tried Shadowhunters yet, but I'm not as excited for that one. Happy the weather warmed up a little bit to get the snow and ice off my parents car that I've been borrowing. Had to take a little time off to take care of Jackson who got sick again, but seems to be all healed up. Of course this is after I took him in for a doctor's appointment and he checked out just fine. Next step now that he's healthy, is to get him back on schedule and back to sleeping in his own bed. That will not be a fun week or so.