9:14 AM Monday, August 17, 2015
My iPhone 5S got wet on Saturday at Slide the City out in Algonquin. So I'm sans phone until tomorrow night, which was the soonest available Genius Bar slot at Lincoln Park Apple Store and I can use my last AppleCare+ accidental damage replacement. Weird. Current estimated move-in date is early October. Lucy did get registered at Blaine though. So that's good. Got Windows 10 official release installed on MacBook and iMac. Jackson switched to 2 days a week at Children's Learning Place with my parents watching him the other 3 days.
10:44 AM Wednesday, July 1, 2015
So I'm a podcast listener now. Took me a while to join that bandwagon, but it happened. Just started when I was working from home, and found I get more focused when listening to something. Also, Tracy started listening to NPR, so I felt a little left out. So now I listen to things. Current podcast subscription is a little tech heavy, even more so Apple tech heavy. Accidental Tech Podcast (http://atp.fm), Debug (http://www.imore.com/debug), iMore Show (http://www.imore.com/imore-show), Rocket (https://www.relay.fm/rocket), The Talk Show with John Gruber (http://daringfireball.net/thetalkshow/), Turning This Car Around (http://turningthiscararound.com) and The Nerdist (http://nerdist.com/podcasts/). Have a couple more I'm trying out. Tried out Apple Music after updating yesterday. Interesting. Then I went back to my podcasts. Wondering if it'll replace Pandora for Tracy. Got Windows 10 installed on the MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015), turns out my issues were with the bad USB flash drive. Working well and love it being able to move around and work on the floor, couch, dining room table.
9:05 PM Sunday, June 28, 2015
Kids are all good and healthy, Tracy too, and family as well. Spent Saturday and Sunday out in Woodstock for my mom's birthday. Had good weather yesterday, ok weather today for the small get together with Ate Joy and Ate Carmi and families. So for June tried to cut out soda and glazed breakfast pastries and donuts. Only slipped a couple of times, but with everything else remaining constant, exercise level, bike commuting, other meals, it had no effect on my weight at all. So throwing that out the window, well, not completely, I'll cut down on it a little, but I'm not going to cut it out permanently. Gave in and got myself an Apple Watch and a MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015). Been wearing the watch since I got it, and already have 3 other bands, depending on mood and outfit. Probably won't stop at 4 total, but I've got a decent base for now. Yes, I'm slightly addicted to completing the circles. I have no issues when I bike to work and back, but I don't come close on the weekends. Kind of enjoying wearing a watch again. Haven't worn one since probably 7th grade Swatches. Before I switched to pocket watches. Phone definitely stays in the pocket more than before. And much easier to keep up with work email, when I can archive from my wrist. Just got the MacBook on Friday, and been failing to setup Boot Camp and either Windows 8 or Windows 10 Preview. Not sure if it's the USB Flash Drive, or something else. Getting used to the keyboard, and it really is like an iPad+keyboard case but it runs OS X. Didn't take too long to get it setup on the Mac side, and will have to try and get it setup for hobby development. The lack of MagSafe is noticeable, mostly because the USB-C plug is hard to remove. Looking forward to being able to go places when I work from home instead of getting stuck behind the iMac. Also, retina on the Mac is amazing. Nice to be standardized on it now, except for the iMac of course.
10:07 PM Friday, June 5, 2015
Lucy had a hand infection. 1 week later, 2 trips to the ER, 2 nights in the ER, 1 night in ID (Infections Diseases), 1 surgery to clean it out, a penrose drain, and she's back home, fever free, with a splint on her left hand. That's the short version. Last weekend we went out to Woodstock. Saturday Tracy noticed Lucy had some swollen fingers (part of middle finger toward the palm and up a little on the index finger and in the web). I thought she jammed her fingers. She wasn't really complaining. Sunday it was more red and swollen, my parents thought it was a bug bite. Then we went to Homer Glen and Lucy played with Caden and Connor, running around and everything, just one handed. Sunday night she woke up from the pain that it was hurting, so Tracy gave her some Ibu and brought her to the ER. They circled it and gave an antibiotic prescription. Follow up at at Town & Country on Tuesday. There they said back to the ER because it wasn't getting any better. So back to the ER, IV antibiotics, popped with some pus discharge, but still not getting better, fever developing, so Thursday morning surgery planned to clean it out. First scheduled for 3pm, then pushed to 6pm, then opening at 1:30pm or so. No complications. Finally got in to visit with my dad, saw Lucy in recovery. Hung out for a bit up in her room, waited for the Argaos to come. Got my butt kicked in Spot It, so Lucy's cognitive abilities weren't affected at all. Then discharge on Friday, So mostly worries from us about the hand infection, more from my dad, who knows that they can cause really bad damage to tendons and stuff. Lucy probably had some pain from the swelling, but that's mostly it. She's in pretty good spirits for spending most of the week in the hospital. Meanwhile, Jackson ran a fever so stayed home from daycare from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday. And whatever he had he gave it to me. So that's the last week in the Abando household.