8:31 PM Sunday, April 19, 2015
Nuke and Pave social media time. Spending too much time reading Twitter and RSS. Just cleaned out both, except for people I actually know on Twitter. Didn't bother for RSS because I don't think anyone I really know actually have active feeds. Looks like the last time I tried that was 3 years ago. Have I mentioned I subscribed to HBO Now? Pretty cool. Working my way through Entourage, I forget where I left off with that. Using http://checktrakt.tobiasarends.com chckTrakt] with tract.tv (http://trakt.tv) to start tracking what I'm watching again. Hoping this doesn't go the way of Miso. Ostensibly, got it so Tracy could watch Game of Thrones sooner than a year after it airs. But I'm enjoying it. The iOS app is much nicer than the Apple TV one though. Gave blood last week, did a double red blood cell donation. When I was checking in they asked. I am a good candidate and figured why not, since I had the time. Not bad, and Tracy made me a steak for dinner to help replace the iron. So that'll be what I do going forward. Jackson's still doing well at day care. Weather's good enough that I'm taking the Xtracycle out again. Planning on getting a Hooptie soon. Not sure if I'll do Bike the Drive this year. Would have to do it with both kids since Tracy's working. Tempting, however difficult it might be.
5:34 PM Monday, April 13, 2015
I can't believe I just took 2 weeks off from bike commuting. Granted, I spent 1 week in Florida on vacation, and actually was on a bike down there, but still funny that was my last post. Yeah, went with the Cases to Anna Maria Island, south of Tampa, north of Sarasota. Fun, relaxing. Plenty of sleep because I had to sleep with Jackson since he was having none of the pack n' play that was provided. Lots of pool time which the kids loved. Some beach time, but pool was definitely more popular. Also, the Abando family got really tan. Lucy got the darkest of us all, which takes me back to when I was young and would darken like that. Lucy was kind of sick while we were there, and Jackson got sick on the last day and the following week, like me. So that postponed his first day at DayCare until Wednesday. But he did and is doing great there. Apparently he eats a lot, so either day care agrees with him or he's going through a growth spurt. I do have to remember not to walk down the alley, because his room faces into the alley, and he saw me last week once in the middle of the day. Also, looks like he's not lactose intolerant anymore, as he's taking real milk at school, and we have him on half formula and milk at home. Still craves the bottle in the morning and at night, but gets a sippy cup at daycare. Hope they see him when he's crazy happy, because it's pretty awesome. Although when he gets frustrated, watch out. He's still pretty clingy on me. But hopefully that'll ease up a little. Maybe next time my parents take Lucy for the weekend they can take Jackson too. Estimated completion on the house is now July/August timeframe. But that's ok, cause finally got our taxes done and we're getting a big refund supposedly. Got Jackson back to sleeping in the crib, which is good. I've got an extra couple of hours now at night. However, Lucy's sleeping in the living room, so can't use my computer, but that means Tracy and I get to sleep in the same bed. Got an Apple Watch try on appointment for this evening on my way home. Figured why not. Even if I won't be able to get one for a while. Also want to check out the new MacBook (Retina 12-inch, Early 2015), which I also won't be able to get, if at all, for a while. Starting to swing back to wanting/using a laptop again at home. Realizing add on keyboards for tablets don't cut it, especially when I keep using 8" Windows tables and the iPad mini. That new Surface 3 looks intriguing though, instead of the Dell Venue Pro 8 or ThinkPad 8 I use now. Again, all stuff I can't buy for a while.
10:56 AM Monday, March 16, 2015
I can't believe I just took 2 weeks off from bike commuting. I thought it was only 1. Started up the 7 Minute Workout fad from 2013. It's hard for me. Going from nothing (well, bike riding) back to some sort of workout? Hard. Also, my joints hurt. Like I'm an old man. Might be why I took time off from biking. Also, Tracy set me straight on the false belief that you shouldn't bend your knees past 90 degrees when doing squats. That's a lie I've been living my entire life. So deep knee bends here I come. Jackson still hasn't quite caught on to the sleep training. It's been like a month. Not promising. Searching for day care options because our current provider will be undergoing renovations soon (Parents are fixing up their condo). Last week spent my Monday night/Tuesday morning redoing the networking patch panels at work. Took a lot longer than I thought, but so satisfying now that it's done. So pretty. So organized. So easy to work with now. Wish I could do something like that for my home networking, but don't think I get to. Someone else does.
3:42 PM Friday, February 20, 2015
Now that I'm not sleeping with Jackson anymore, I have my nights back. I'm sleeping less, watching TV more, and doing more work at home again. And that's just the first week. I wonder if I can start up some hobby projects finally. But I'd forgotten what watching live TV was like. Watched a couple episodes of The Walking Dead with Tracy last night. I've become rather enamoured with either purchased media or subscription media, because of the lack of ads and no need for fast forwarding and completeness of episodes (don't have to worry about missing that last minute or even 30 seconds of a next episode preview or after the credits scene). Randomly getting tempted by a real laptop again, like a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014). Max out the RAM, and go to town. Go to town over what, I'm not exactly sure. Or, I could buy this MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) from work instead. Maybe after the next round of updates? I would have to figure out a way as always to carry it on the bike, but then again, might give me a reason to get another Tom Bihn bag. Started using Slack at work. Mostly dev team, but I'm finally ramping up my usage. Using it to keep track of things instead of email, so sending notifications to it directly via SQL stored procedures via curl and the web post hooks to channels. Not bad. Better more direct notifications than email. Of which there's too much noise. Also, not sure if it was noticed, but Daily Dose doesn't have intro/main parts to a post. It's just the post. Figured there wasn't a need to split it anymore.