every now and again, i'm lucky enough to take part in something special, something really special. it's the kind of stuff you'll tell your grandkids about. one is the relationship that i'm in. it's that good. the other was the trailer for Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menance. watching, the opening lucasfilm logo, the music, John Williams mastery, and my heart flutters, it gets caught up in my throught, i'm holding my breath, watching scenes from a movie 5 months away, words falling across the screen, it's something new, something amazing, a story that means so much to people, the scale, it's epic, encompassing something, like a sequel to the bible, like another world war, or a part of history that someone just unearthed, just now i liken it to discovering Atlantis, the lost city. it is what was and i look forward to finding it out.
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