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7:29 AM Sunday, July 2, 2023
Disney have a party, didn’t go out, wasn’t swamped with work. I even went to bed early. Just no excuse for missing a post yesterday. Not even going to predate this one to make it seem like I made it in time. It’s a full 7 hours late. Fairly late Saturday of a four day weekend. I did manage to do my workouts. Had make your own Spam sushi for dinner, and Tracy made a spicy scallop for her and Lucy. I watched more of Tha Magicians. No actually work on anything though.
10:50 PM Sunday, July 2, 2023
Made waffles for breakfast. Made The Chewy after lunch. Actually did/doing some work. Surprised at how not cool the basement is, compared to the rest of the house. Surprising. Always figured the cool air would work its way down, or being 3/4 underground. Probably should spend some time tomorrow cleaning up my little office space. And spend some time cleaning up my kitchen desk area. Basically need to clean up all my little places around the house. Family played Acron tonight. Been a while for that. And now on Sunday night it’s nice to think that the weekend is only half over.
9:08 PM Monday, July 3, 2023
Finished up The Magicians (tv show). I felt like it was a pretty good adaptation. Maybe because it’s been a while since I’ve read the trilogy, so i only have a vague recollection, but I thought it did a pretty good job. Pretty happy that I watched it. Next up in my book series adaptation is Shadowhunters. Not sure this is going to be as good. Lucy did go to lifeguard camp today, so dropping her off actually got me out of the house. Also went to Mariano’s for some grocery shopping. But otherwise, on the couch all day. Although I did get up enough to do my workouts. So that’s good.
9:51 PM Tuesday, July 4, 2023
Got McDonald’s for lunch today, just trying to be as American as possible. However, finally got all the fixings I needed to make Pimm’s Cups, so was drinking those instead of beer. Not sure what a 4th of July American cocktail would be. Tracy made steak and grilled veggies for dinner. Went to Jewel twice today. Finally folded and put away my laundry that’s been sitting on the floor in the bedroom for a while. And still slowly working my way through Shadowhunters
8:43 PM Wednesday, July 5, 2023
Ok, I’m calling it, the winner in the Twitter replacement is Threads. It’s got the brands, it’s got the masses. It’s going to replace the bird site. I wonder how long it’ll be before you start seeing Threads handles instead of Twitter handles on web pages and, the sign that it’s a true replacement, on TV ads. Although I don’t remember the last time I saw a TV ad. So I wonder what the handle will be on Super Bowl ads for next year. Anyway, I’ll keep chugging along with my single user Mastodon server/account, and hope it doesn’t end up like, which I don’t think it will. Hoping it remains early stage Twitter, before it hit the masses. So that Threads is for everyone, and everyone else’s Mastodon keeps for the techies. Other than that, trying to stay on routine with core and push-up workouts. Not sure when I’ll be able to get out for anything beyond my body weight workouts.
11:13 PM Thursday, July 6, 2023
Finished setting up old iPhones as PoGo machines. Removed all extraneous stuff, have a nice simple home page, added folder of guides to grunts and leaders. So, just have to start going again. After dropping off Lucy and Alex Spaulding at evening practice, I took Clark home and dropped by Binny’s to pick up some Tequila since we’re out. Managed to get my hands on a bottle of Henry McKenna Single Barrel, which was unexpected, but hard to pass up, especially at MSRP. That’s the nice thing of shopping at Binny’s, retail vs secondary pricing.
8:34 PM Friday, July 7, 2023
I guess today was a cheat day. Ate a Chicken Pesto crepe from The Crepe Shop. Had Noodles & Company pad thai with shrimp for dinner. And salmon over romaine with cucumber for lunch. 3 square meals. Made myself a frozen Planter’s Punch via Educated Barfly, who taught me to use xanthan gum in frozen drinks, which is pretty amazing. Also, don’t use a metal straw when drinking frozen drinks.
11:51 PM Saturday, July 8, 2023
Finally cut out some of the drywall to confirm the leak issue in the guest bedroom. Just took a reciprocating saw to it and cut enough out to check. Tracy’s not gonna let me get on the roof to try and install a vent cap, so gotta try and find a roofer that will do it. Might be a little hard to explain. Anyway, looks like there’s 2 up there that might need caps or hoods. Besides that trying to put up Nanoleaf Canvas as work lighting above my basement desk. Hopefully it’s bright enough. I’m hoping it will be. Otherwise, maybe I’ll let. the one of the kids have it? Biked up and got Poke Burrito with Jackson for dinner. Thought they had an eat in area, but I guess they’re strictly carryout. Weird. Also got some bubble tea at T Square Cafe since we had time to kill before the burritos were ready. Not bad, but I just like the (I’m guessing Americanized) slushie type drinks. The burritos had way too much rice, but otherwise pretty good. Also finally solved the Rubik’s Cube for the first time in my life by following instructions from the internet. Just have to start memorizing the algorithms so I can do it without having the instructions ( up.
9:14 PM Sunday, July 9, 2023
Think I’ve got better lighting for my basement desk/office. Hung up the Nanoleaf Canvas, and seems to work pretty well. I think it’s bright enough. I am a little curious what the eventual Nanoleaf Skylight will be like, but who knows when that’s coming out. Had a water battle with Jackson in the backyard. Wasn’t even that hot out, and the water guns were awful, and the water balloons were just ok. Looking forward to Tuesday when the Amazon order of the X-Shot Fast Fill guns show up. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Not bad. Getting better at the beginner’s solution of Rubik’s Cube. Just need to memorize the algorithms.
9:27 PM Monday, July 10, 2023
Lighting feels better at my basement desk/office. And more open since I removed a spare cabinet forming a pseudo half wall. Still got some cleanup to do, and run some extension cords, but feeling pretty good about it. However, couldn’t really get into a groove at work, with the kids interrupting me, needing to be fed and stuff. Will be nice when they have camps again, and especially when they start school again. Still got in my exercise, although I did it in the basement since I haven’t cleaned up the guest room from drywall and stuff on my mat. Tomorrow I guess. Definitely gotten used to using the exercise mat though, the basement carpet isn’t nearly as nice. I did get out for a change and do some work at a Starbucks, while Lucy was at evening swim practice. Actually was able to get some stuff done. Wondering how long my work laptop would last if I took it to a coffee shop.
9:47 PM Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Ran out of space on ( again. Guess my free disk usage script wasn’t working. Still got to figure that out. Might have to make a reminder to do it manually until I get it figured out. Trying to ge the algorithms memorized for solving a Rubik’s Cube. Might be getting better/faster at it. Currently have the 2nd level algo about 50% memorized? Did some work at a coffee shop (Coffee Joint, which I’ve always wanted to try). Got a couple things done there. I also cleaned up my lighting wiring at my desk, so that’s a little more organized. Still gotta put away all the empty boxes and stuff I took out of my space. Took the kids out to 7-Eleven for free small Slurpees. Went to the one on Montrose, and they had 5/6 flavors up and running. Didn’t get a chance to exercise today, but I did do some biking, so I wasn’t sitting all day.
9:53 PM Thursday, July 13, 2023
I am more productive and focused when I get out of the house to work. Today I brought Lucy and Alex to evening practice and went down and worked out of Dom’s Kitchen & Market (because no parking by Latin). Bad thing is that I always get a coffee and some sort of pastry or donut. So not entirely healthy. But I was able to figure out an issue that was discovered in an export at work. So that’s good. Planning on driving them in the morning as well, and then finding another coffee shop to work at. I’m supposed to be on vacation next week, but I’ll only probably take a couple days off instead of the full week. I’m even planning on going in to the office on Wednesday (since it’s a SuperCharge week, and my manager’s coming in to town).
11:34 PM Thursday, July 13, 2023
Almost have 2nd level algo memorized for Rubik’s Cube solving. Just keep doing it over and over. Like a much bigger fidget spinner. Decided to start exercising earlier in the morning, almost before work starts. Been getting up that early anyway. Roof deck camera was offline because the GCFI outdoor outlet had been tripped. Will have to remember that trick. Had a tornado watch, actually multiple ones, this evening. Even heard the sirens go off multiple times.
10:09 PM Friday, July 14, 2023
Finally realized why I feel better or more productive when I go to a coffee shop to work, instead of using my basement office. Because coffee shops have windows, and it’s daytime, and there’s sunlight, as opposed to the basement corner not near any windows, and the ones that are have the shades down for privacy. I’ll have to put the shades up the next time I’m working to see if that helps. Maybe I should have tried getting a super cheap TV during Amazon Prime Days and tried the fake window trick. Maybe next year? Or maybe even Black Friday? Working from a coffee shop is nice, but then I’m drinking coffee and having a pastry every day. Not great for the diet. Got Pasta Al Gusto for dinner tonight. I keep forgetting how good that place is.
8:56 PM Saturday, July 15, 2023
Was using the MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020) a lot today. It's pretty cool. Installed and used mutt on the host for ( Think I've got the free disk usage commands working in cron. Ended up getting a bunch of treats after dropping Lucy off at Alex's for the ride to Regionals in Riverside. Lucy dropped time in her 400 IM, but got disqualified for turning over too much in her back to breast open turn, but then she got qualified, and moved up a place to 7th after being seeded 8th (out of 8). Had another water gun battle with Jackson in the backyard. Watched a lot of Shadowhunters. You know, fairly normal Saturday.
8:43 PM Sunday, July 16, 2023
Got a couple long overdue tasks finally completed today. Well, sort of. The side of the house security light has been on day and night, so I finally took off the light sensor that wasn’t working, and just kept it off. Gotta decide next steps, but I think at least a Shelly relay to be able to control it from HomeKit since it doesn’t have a switch anywhere that I know of. Also finally think I focused the alley security camera. Not going camping this week, since Lucy has a lifeguard competition on Wednesday, and she had Regionals today, so we would have only gone for Monday and back on Tuesday. Not really worth it. Guess we aren’t going camping this year. Also I took the week off work, but I’ll probably end up working anyway. I’m actually planning on going in to the office on Wednesday, since it’s a SuperCharge week. But it’s also HackDays, but I figure I should show my face. Also means I’ll get some Krispy Kreme and probably some Magnolia Bakery goodies. So that’s something to look forward to this weekend.
11:12 PM Monday, July 17, 2023
So without camping, we had a Solo Stove campfire and s’mores (at least for Jackson). Probably try and keep up the campfires for the next couple of days maybe? To try and mimic camping. Got a couple more electric water guns. The glock looking ones are probably the most fun, but least responsible looking ones. I got a 2-pack, and one of them didn’t work, so doing a return. Hopefully both in the next set work. But now shouldn’t have to get any more, although the Spyra does look tempting, however expensive it is. Did some work today, had to fix an issue I introduced while fixing a different issue. Also took up the shades in the basement, so it’s marginally better working down there. Might be tempted to get some Lutron shades installed so it can be actually useful. I think I am going to have to look into that Ikea LED Panel fake window thing that I saw online somewhere.
10:15 PM Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Had another Solo Stove campfire, and more s’mores for Jackson, and we had Hudson over as well as his parents. Pretty good Tuesday. Headed into the office tomorrow for the first time since September 19 last year. Crazy it’s been that long. Did a ruck this morning after dropping Lucy off at practice. Pretty rough, since it’s been a while, and my hands swelled, maybe because the rucksack was too tight? Anyway, felt good although the balls of my feet feel like they got blisters. Getting a pair of Goruck Ballistic Trainers which should be much better for rucking going forward. Watched The Flash, which was OK. Felt like there were some inside jokes with lines in the movie being about the actor. Self referential. Finished season 2 of Shadowhunters, and then realized that Season 3 is a full 22 episodes.
10:48 PM Wednesday, July 19, 2023
You know what’s nice about the office? All those windows and all that light. Really pretty nice. Odd to have the desk that I do have, smack dab in the middle of engineering. Good to see Jay and Dave though. Funny to see Sonya on the Brown Line on the way in to the office. Disappointed that the Krispy Kreme at Block 37 is closed, and the selection at Magnolia Bakery wasn’t all that good after work today. So less of an incentive to go into the office, but it’s still a pretty nice office. Maybe once the kids start school again I’ll start going in more often. Pokemon GO was pretty productive though, a near constant GPS drift hatched a couple eggs, and there’s so many stops. I was able to complete the 15 research task research task today, pretty much on my way home. Got a little walking treadmill for my standing desk at home, so hopefully that will help. Certainly can’t hurt. Tried a couple frozen versions of cocktails using sugared alcohol, and don’t think I’m a fan.
11:29 PM Thursday, July 20, 2023
Just realized we had a staycation this week. Except for Lucy, who still had lifeguard camp and swim practice. ANd except for when I went in to the office on Wednesday. Jackson and I went out for breakfast, walked around as we waited to pick up Lucy from morning practice. Later we went to the beach together, well, again, except for Lucy who was at lifeguard camp. Had lunch at the Dock. Super windy at the beach though, had to really stretch out the sun shade and keep it closer to the ground. Hoping it’s not super stretched out after today. But yeah, pretty relaxing week, staying home on vacation.
10:33 PM Friday, July 21, 2023
Got a pair of {GORUCK Ballistic Trainers]] yesterday, and took them out for a spin this morning after dropping Lucy off at practice and before picking her up. Amazing what a proper pair of footwear does for exercising. Also, I think I got better at rucksack fit, as my hands didn’t swell up this time. They’re a very light grey, so had to order some more Darn Tough white socks so I don’t look as old as I feel. Tempted to get a water weight bag so I can ruck on vacation. For a relatively simple exercise, it feels good. Got some work done, even though I’m still officially on vacation. Got some treats from La Fournette. Not bad, and I think they provide some pastries to Dom’s Kitchen & Market. Next to try is Cocoa & Co.. Probably next week.
9:46 PM Saturday, July 22, 2023
Went rucking again today. That’s 2 days in a row. Feeling it. But feels good. Shoes definitely making a big difference. Still working on getting the Bullet Ruck 10L to fit right. More driving today though, dropping and picking up Lucy from Alex’s. Ended up getting dinner at Kubo Chicago, a Filipino place. Last time we went was back in Oct 2017 for dessert. This time we went with Hudson, Dave, and Kelley, and went for actual dinner. Food was pretty good, and Dave and Kelley actually liked the halo-halo. First time for everything.
9:10 PM Sunday, July 23, 2023
First time on the 606 today, out with Dave and Kelley and Hudson and Serafina. Took Jackson, had to put the bike rack on the car, but pretty easy. Also, why don’t they make cars with built in bike racks? Or at least an an option? Anyway, pretty cool, even though I’m sore from rucking. In-Laws came over, while Jackson and I were out, but came back in time for dinner. Had a pretty good night’s sleep, and will try and get a little bit on schedule. Will be nice this week with Jackson going to Blaine summer camp.
10:14 PM Monday, July 24, 2023
At least I didn’t have to drive Lucy to morning practice, but did drive her to Lifeguard Camp, then an early pick up because she had an Ortho-K follow up that I drove her to. Did get some Mario’s Italian Lemonade out of the deal, which was fabulous. Then she had an Orthodontist followup before I had to drive her and Spalding to evening practice. So yeah, lots of time in the car today. Also picked up some potting mix for Tracy, some Crumbl Cookies for Lucy, and dropped Jackson off at Blaine camp in the morning. Busy busy busy.
9:06 PM Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Only had to drive Jackson to the pool after camp for some swimming with Hudson and Serafina. That was nice. Worked by the pool for a couple hours. Finally got my Shelly order, and put a dimmer switch on the vent fan in the basement. Works, but when I first tried using the Shelly plugin in Homebridge, homebridge wouldn’t start, or crashed immediately upon startup. So I need to figure that out. Will try and install the relay on the side house security light. I also put a spare WeMo Plug on Lucy’s desk lamp, since she leaves it on. I just have to remember to turn it back on after I turn if off. Too bad HomeKit can’t officially run Shortcuts, or I could have it automatically turn back on after I turn it off. Updated Apple OSes on the remaining Apple devices in the house, except for Tracy’s and Lucy’s phones, since I don’t have all the time access to those.
10:04 PM Wednesday, July 26, 2023
Got a DIRIGERA hub to control my 1 FLOALT light I’m using as a fake window. Pretty nice, although I didn’t realize it only gets to 4000K color temperature. Wanted it cooler for more business/office like environment. But it’ll work for now I think. Only had to drive early in the morning on drop off Lucy so she could go to her lifeguard competition. Weather felt hot and sticky for 7am. By the time I walked Jackson to camp at 8:15 it was much cooler and much more comfortable. I guess that’s because the storm was rolling in. Ended up picking up 3 other kids from camp (Serafina, Hudson and James). Not like camp isn’t enough, but they want to spend even more time together. Intro’d them to Acron, which was pretty fun. Getting annoyed at our home Wi-Fi. It’s been acting up lately, especially with my iPhone 13 mini. Pretty annoying. And this is already with multiple restarts of the access points. Got Indian food delivered, since that’s what Lucy wanted for dinner.
11:01 PM Thursday, July 27, 2023
Not doing well on getting to bed at a decent hour, shifting work to later in the evening. Not good, but figure I can sleep more on vacation. Did the early morning drop off for Lucy and Alex Spalding for practice. Had to take Jackson since Tracy had tennis this morning. Did a Jewel run as well to get stuff for Jackson’s lunch. Also got some Starbucks for breakfast. Getting the basement office dialed in even more. Brightened everything up, and matched color temps as best I can. Still thinking I’ll get the Nanoleaf Skylight when they get released. Loving the Adventure Week in Pokemon GO. Actually finding Archens and Tirtougas in the wild. Also did drop off for evening practice as well, but this time I also picked up Alex Wang. And ended up taking Clark both down and back up for a change. No Cubs or concert traffic meant it wasn’t that bad.
8:48 PM Friday, July 28, 2023
Was Lucy’s chauffeur again today. Drove her to swim practice. Picked her up and brought her home. Drove her to lifeguard camp. Picked her up from lifeguard camp. Drove her and Jackson to get Cold Stone Creamery, and then got some Mochinut since we were in the neighborhood. And then drove home. So a surprising amount of driving. Also did some walking for Pokemon GO stuff. Completed a bunch of Collection Challenges across the family accounts. Stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some maki for me and the kids. Stayed up way too late last night trying to do some work, so was a little off trying to do some work today, but then it’s last day before vacation, so didn’t want to implement anything and then leave. Started organizing camera and charging stuff for the trip. Just got a GoPro HERO10 Black. Needed a new waterproof camera, so figured why not try an action cam. Excited to try it out.
11:44 PM Saturday, July 29, 2023
All set for vacation. Think I’m switching to a Peak Design Field Bag as a purse. Not sure if I’m just carrying too much stuff, but the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20 is too small. But I hope we’ve got everything. Dropped off Banana for boarding at Curious Creatures. Hopefully he’ll fatten up on crickets while he’s there. Got Small Cheval for dinner. Really easy to order pickup and bike over and get it. Been watching Shadowhunters while prepping and packing. Only got a couple episodes left, which is annoying because I’m having to choose between sleeping and finishing. Guess I’m choosing finishing.
9:01 PM Sunday, July 30, 2023
Of course procrastinated last night, finished Shadowhunters, didn’t get to bed until 2:30, at which point I figured it was a good time to install Flighty and check flight info, at which point I found out our flight from ORD-DEN was delayed, and we’d most likely miss our connecting flight from DEN-LIH. So I tried looking for alternatives, tried getting in touch with United support online, but no luck, then tried calling in and there was a 2 hour queue, so I figured we’d just find out at the airport. So when we got there eventually they said to try making it, because at that time there was a 15 min layover, instead of the 1.5 hour. So we check bags, go through security, get some breakfast, wait at the gate, and it gets delayed again and now like a -22 min layover. So I eventually get in line and managed to be the last person to get rebooked (went with a whole new set of flights for tomorrow, ORD-LAX-HNL-LIH) instead of just going to DEN and then trying to get something the next day, like DEN-LAX-HNL-LIH. We also get hotel rooms and food vouchers, end up keeping our bags and hopefully checked in for us in the morning, and head over to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for the night on the shuttle bus. This was like 11:30am. Got some lunch for the food place in the hotel, took a nap, walked over to the Fashion Outlet mall and got some Tea Ninja. rearranged our reservations, at which point I realized our connecting flight in DEN was also delayed, and we probably would have made that connection. Instead, I get a Cinnabon. Dinner at the hotel bar/restaurant and try and update all the things. Fingers crossed I’m writing this tomorrow from Kaua’i.
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