9:47 PM Tuesday, <July 11>, 2023
Ran out of space on abando.social (https://abando.social) again. Guess my free disk usage script wasn’t working. Still got to figure that out. Might have to make a reminder to do it manually until I get it figured out. Trying to ge the algorithms memorized for solving a Rubik’s Cube. Might be getting better/faster at it. Currently have the 2nd level algo about 50% memorized? Did some work at a coffee shop (Coffee Joint, which I’ve always wanted to try). Got a couple things done there. I also cleaned up my lighting wiring at my desk, so that’s a little more organized. Still gotta put away all the empty boxes and stuff I took out of my space. Took the kids out to 7-Eleven for free small Slurpees. Went to the one on Montrose, and they had 5/6 flavors up and running. Didn’t get a chance to exercise today, but I did do some biking, so I wasn’t sitting all day.