9:27 PM Monday, <July 10>, 2023
Lighting feels better at my basement desk/office. And more open since I removed a spare cabinet forming a pseudo half wall. Still got some cleanup to do, and run some extension cords, but feeling pretty good about it. However, couldn’t really get into a groove at work, with the kids interrupting me, needing to be fed and stuff. Will be nice when they have camps again, and especially when they start school again. Still got in my exercise, although I did it in the basement since I haven’t cleaned up the guest room from drywall and stuff on my mat. Tomorrow I guess. Definitely gotten used to using the exercise mat though, the basement carpet isn’t nearly as nice. I did get out for a change and do some work at a Starbucks, while Lucy was at evening swim practice. Actually was able to get some stuff done. Wondering how long my work laptop would last if I took it to a coffee shop.