10:04 PM Wednesday, <July 26>, 2023
Got a DIRIGERA hub to control my 1 FLOALT light I’m using as a fake window. Pretty nice, although I didn’t realize it only gets to 4000K color temperature. Wanted it cooler for more business/office like environment. But it’ll work for now I think. Only had to drive early in the morning on drop off Lucy so she could go to her lifeguard competition. Weather felt hot and sticky for 7am. By the time I walked Jackson to camp at 8:15 it was much cooler and much more comfortable. I guess that’s because the storm was rolling in. Ended up picking up 3 other kids from camp (Serafina, Hudson and James). Not like camp isn’t enough, but they want to spend even more time together. Intro’d them to Acron, which was pretty fun. Getting annoyed at our home Wi-Fi. It’s been acting up lately, especially with my iPhone 13 mini. Pretty annoying. And this is already with multiple restarts of the access points. Got Indian food delivered, since that’s what Lucy wanted for dinner.