11:01 PM Thursday, <July 27>, 2023
Not doing well on getting to bed at a decent hour, shifting work to later in the evening. Not good, but figure I can sleep more on vacation. Did the early morning drop off for Lucy and Alex Spalding for practice. Had to take Jackson since Tracy had tennis this morning. Did a Jewel run as well to get stuff for Jackson’s lunch. Also got some Starbucks for breakfast. Getting the basement office dialed in even more. Brightened everything up, and matched color temps as best I can. Still thinking I’ll get the Nanoleaf Skylight when they get released. Loving the Adventure Week in Pokemon GO. Actually finding Archens and Tirtougas in the wild. Also did drop off for evening practice as well, but this time I also picked up Alex Wang. And ended up taking Clark both down and back up for a change. No Cubs or concert traffic meant it wasn’t that bad.