8:48 PM Friday, <July 28>, 2023
Was Lucy’s chauffeur again today. Drove her to swim practice. Picked her up and brought her home. Drove her to lifeguard camp. Picked her up from lifeguard camp. Drove her and Jackson to get Cold Stone Creamery, and then got some Mochinut since we were in the neighborhood. And then drove home. So a surprising amount of driving. Also did some walking for Pokemon GO stuff. Completed a bunch of Collection Challenges across the family accounts. Stopped by Whole Foods and picked up some maki for me and the kids. Stayed up way too late last night trying to do some work, so was a little off trying to do some work today, but then it’s last day before vacation, so didn’t want to implement anything and then leave. Started organizing camera and charging stuff for the trip. Just got a GoPro HERO10 Black. Needed a new waterproof camera, so figured why not try an action cam. Excited to try it out.