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12:00 PM Tuesday, August 1, 2023
Finally sitting on the balcony in Kaua’i. Only took us 2 days to get here. Was a 20 hour door to door travel day yesterday. All 3 of the flights were delayed, but our connecting flight from LAX - HNL used the same plane as the ORD - LAX, so we weren’t going to miss the connection. We did miss our HNL - LIH connection, but United helpfully rebooked us to the 5:30, except the original 4pm was delayed enough that we could have caught it. Either way, I’m currently typing this out on the balcony overlooking the pool and ocean. Already missed a daily update, so not sure if I’ll keep up the dailies, but I’ll try.
1:18 AM Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Breakfast brunch, pool walkaround, pool time, lunch by the pool, more pool time, dinner at Eating House 1849. Tired and full.
4:05 AM Thursday, August 3, 2023
Went to Little Fish Cafe for breakfast. Long line, moved quick and açai bowls were good. Stayed for about 2 hours there. Headed to Spouting Horn Park to see spouting horn. Then headed over to Hilo Hattie, ended up buying a bunch of stuff for Lucy, and Tracy and I got a matching Hawaiian shirt and dress, along with a matching shirt/ dress so the kids would match each other. Stopped by TJ Variety for bubble tea and halo-halo. Stopped by Walmart too, the kids got Spam singles. Went to the pool for 1.5 hours before heading to the Luau. Tracy and I got drinks after at Stevenson Library. Tomorrow will most likely be a pool day for the kids.
2:39 AM Friday, August 4, 2023
Back to the pool for most of today. Breakfast buffet, food at the pool, but dinner at Mama Lucy’s, recommendation from all the filipino staff we’ve talked to at the Grand Hyatt. Valid recs, food was good. Went over to Duke’s for some Hulu Pie for dessert. Wait longer and don’t have to deal with traffic coming back from Lihue. Saw the hotel’s hydroponics garden. Tracy’s got ideas. Funny they took up 2 tennis courts with horticulture though. Did eat or drink too much today. Didn’t spend too much time in the water. Kids got much darker today though, possibly even sunburnt, especially around the eyes. Going to blame the goggle wearing, specifically the taking on and taking off with rubbing off the sunblock.
3:50 AM Saturday, August 5, 2023
Went on a Na Pali coast boat tour today. Really cool. Got to go into a couple sea caves. Saw some dolphins, including some bottlenosed (not a common occurrence). Snorkling was good, turn’s out Jackson like’s it. 40 minute drive out there and back though.
4:29 AM Sunday, August 6, 2023
Lucy and Tracy took surf lessons this morning. I took pictures and videos. And they managed to get up on their first tries, and did pretty well overall. I took over 2K images/movies and about 50% came out (in focus) and maybe 10% were good enough for Tracy. So probably par for the course. Went to Kickshaws for lunch, had some pretty good sandwiches. Finally got some shave ice at Uncle’s. Afternoon nap, and a quick swim before dinner at Duke’s finishing up with more Hula Pie. Then we went night swimming finally since the kids have been asking to go for a while.
3:50 AM Monday, August 7, 2023
Went as far as Wailua today, and tried out the Musabi Truck. Rice to meat ratio isn’t up to my preference. Made it over to Wailua Shave Ice which was pretty good, best one so far I think. Not too sweet. Then a much needed nap. Went to mass in the morning. Got more pool time in before and after getting Naruto Noodles for dinner. Not nearly as good as the Kickshaws from yesterday.
4:23 AM Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Went mountain tubing at Kauai Backcountry Adventures in the afternoon. Pretty cool. Fairly fast too. Surprisingly adventurous. Stopped by a 7-Eleven on the way there, got some Spam musabi. Pretty good, but still too much rice for our taste. Pretty relaxing morning, got to do some reading on the patio, which was pretty nice. Ended up getting pizza for dinner, only place to have seating for 9 last second.
12:00 AM Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Headed home. Flying east so going to lose some time. Red eye through Denver. So update on the other side.
8:56 PM Wednesday, August 9, 2023
Redeye’s annoying. I’m super tired. Hopefully will get to bed early and stay in bed for a while. Hopefully the jet lag won’t be too bad. Finished reading Ready Player One and started Ready Player Two again, and watched the movie this afternoon. Tracy’s started watching Florida Man, and it’s interesting.
10:01 PM Friday, August 11, 2023
Went out for beers with some dads last night, so missed updating. Darn it. Shucks. Started plowing through The Bear though when I got back, and today. It’s a pretty good show, and it does do a really good job showcasing Chicago. Thoroughly enjoying it. That and it’s like sitcom length. Took Lucy to Lane Tech for Quick Start makeup day. Started finding out about Jackson’s friends homerooms. He’s back with Jackson Grady this year, so that’s cool. No Hudson though, again. And actually sounds like Jonah won’t be in his homeroom this year, maybe for the first time at Blaine.
9:39 PM Saturday, August 12, 2023
Thought I was just going on a bike ride this morning with Jackson and his friends, but ended up at Shore Club for brunch which was amazing and definitely want to go back, and then a longer bike ride north to the Waveland softball fields for an Australian Rules Football tournament. I ended up getting a beer with Dave and Gina at Clock Tower Cafe, which was nice. Haven’t been back there in a long time. I did get a flat though, and I didn’t have a spare or all the tools to replace it on the Sprint, so I just walked home while Dave took the kids back to our place. Ended up ordering from Farm Bar for dinner. Good but heavy stuff. Lots of leftovers. Also made a frozen old fashioned, which came out pretty great, so that’ll go into rotation with the frozen negroni.
12:10 PM Monday, August 14, 2023
Missed another daily post. Went out to Retro on Roscoe last night, ended up at Piazza Bella Trattoria & Osteria with Dave and Kelley and Gina and Tracey and Ronan and Emersyn and Serafina and Hudson and Caleb and Bob. Good food, good times. Kids ending up doing a sleepover at Serafina’s, so ended up over there for a couple drinks to end the night. Did manage to get Jackson into Ten Pound Cake, although Gina and Kelley didn’t get Fina or Hudson in, even though we were all doing it on our phones outside the restaurant as the clock struck 8pm. Trying to get back a little on schedule, did some exercises this morning during a work break, might try and do some walk working later too.
10:53 PM Monday, August 14, 2023
Plowed through The Bear in 5 days. Really good. Like really really good. I think my favorite episode so far might be Forks. But I care. I want them to make it work. And it’s annoying that they can’t end on a high note. And I really hope the creators get to do the full run they want. I hope they get to complete their vision. It’s just so good.
9:22 PM Tuesday, August 15, 2023
Both Jackson and I had trouble sleeping last night. And Lucy’s also been having trouble getting to bed as well. Don’t think it’s jet lag. Tracy’s pretty much back on schedule and back to normal. Just everyone else is off. Last days of summer break winding down. Scrambling to find Labor Day plans. Beach afternoon on Friday. Again, last hurrah before school starts next week. I’m slowly working my way through Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Wondering if I’ll actually make it through all 5. Also realized I haven’t watched John Wick 4 yet, so maybe I should redo that series. Or maybe I should go back and just do some reading for entertainment again.
8:52 PM Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Feels like at least a Thursday. Anyway, took off work a little early and went and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem with Hudson and Kelley and his Mimi and Jackson at the Alamo Drafthouse Wrigleyville. Pretty good movie. Really liked the music. I got mozzarella sticks. I guess I’m on a kick lately. Then went to Lucky Strike Social with the boys so they could get some arcade time in, since we were there and it was open. Also noticed the Kilwin’s closed there. Didn’t go anywhere for dinner though, just brought Hudson back to our place.
11:13 PM Thursday, August 17, 2023
No exercise today. Did vacation laundry, at least the first load of my stuff. Then I had to take Lucy and Alex to The Catcade which was pretty cool. Lots of kitten playtime, not so much a lot of cats sleeping, at least for us. Other guests got the sleeping cats and kittens. A few ventured into our laps for pets. Lucy got one purring. After that, made it home to meet Jackson for the Blaine Meet and Greet. Got to meet Ms. Evans. And Jackson got to run around with his friends. I ended up taking a nap when I got home before running out for Panda Express and Toons for dinner (kids and Tracy respectively). Then finished the night off with a couple episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty. Well, not quite finished. I’m actually doing some work now.
10:24 PM Friday, August 18, 2023
Well, last beach day before school starts. And more like afternoon beach day. Made it out by 2pm or so. Heard/watched the Thunderbirds practice. Not that warm out. By the time I got in the water, it was freezing when I got out. So didn’t spend too much time in there. Did use the GoPro today though. Kids got their hands on it so there’s lots of videos with commentary. Should be interesting when I download it all. Maybe some of it is usable. I think I lost the beach equipment crown to the Johnson’s. Think they’re better prepared with more stuff. Didn’t bring enough clothes though, could have used a real sweatshirt, or even some pants. And forgot my lantern. Last weekend before school starts!
9:44 PM Saturday, August 19, 2023
Slept in, went to Verzenay Patisserie for breakfast, just Tracy and I, since both kids went to sleepovers last night. Picked up some food from my parents, then home. Well, I guess not completely lazy because I did some yard work. Cut the front yard with the trimmer. Been a while so it took multiple passes. Like 4. Jackson’s coming down with something. Hopefully just a summer cold. Walked over to CVS, then a later trip to Jewel. Felt like a Sunday, so kinda nice there’s another day to the weekend.
9:14 PM Sunday, August 20, 2023
Finally got around to last minute school shopping. Ended up at the Staples in Glenview, managed to get almost everything except a calculator coming on Tuesday (in purple) and pack of colored copy paper. Had lunch at Hackney’s on Lake, which wasn’t nearly as good as I remember the Hackney’s on Printer’s Row from way back when. Went to a Target on Dempster which was a tiny one like the one on Ashland, so after getting gas went to the one on Howard. Much bigger. Lucy got some clothes there. Then had to bring Lucy to Glazed Expressions for a last day of summer pottery session with Lucy and Isabelle. Then we went to Dick’s to check out cleats for Jackson, so I know of a brand/style that fits him, so when he out grows his current cleats, I can have it queued up. Did use the AYSO coupon on some shorts for Tracy and some Prime. After coming home, had to head back down to pick Lucy up and then got some Tea Ninja and checked out a cool Japanese coffee shop that just opened, Omi. Need to try it out one day. Maybe do some work there? Also picked up a smiley face cookie and a black and white cookie from The Bagel, but those weren’t that good, so now I might have to go on another quest to find some good ones. Tracy made bread salad for dinner, and kids are all packed for the first day tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
10:15 PM Monday, August 21, 2023
Pretty quiet for most of the day at home. Got some work done. Got some exercise in. I’m trying out BetterMe (the Instagram ads got me). So we’ll see how that goes. Wasn’t too hot today, which was nice. Forecast looks bad for Wednesday and Thursday. I guess the Northwinds preseason camp isn’t that exciting or useful, or maybe that was just the first day back. Wait for at least post 1st week before I start asking questions about a 2013 Premier 4 team, what that means, and other questions. Went to the Dock to celebrate first day back at school and soccer, and it was actually pretty chilly out. Wind was coming in off the lake. Back to the grind.
8:08 PM Tuesday, August 22, 2023
So besides BetterMe, also getting some walking in on the treadmill at my standing desk. Trying to work off that summer weight. Funny that I probably weigh more during the summer than the winter, and that I’m more regular with my exercise routines then. Otherwise nothing too interesting. I do have to clean up and organize the kitchen desk area. I think I need some sort of photography equipment shelving, maybe some clear acrylic curved shelves for lenses and bodies?
8:35 PM Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Quads are sore from the BetterMe workout. I haven’t done lunges in forever. Did a straight hour long treadmill walk. I did figure out a couple things at work, which was nice, since I also just found out they had layoffs and among those affected were some legacy employees. Now apparently there’s only 3 of us old guard left, granted with 60+ years experience combined, but still. Pretty hot out today. Only lost power for like 10 minutes. Timing was inopportune, just as I was coming back from the grocery, so had to park on the street for 10 minutes. No idea what this year’s Northwind’s season is going to be like. There’s currently 22 players on our roster (official max size is 16), and there’s a Premier 4 besides the Premier 3. So not sure if we’re going to officially split into 2 teams, or just continue having a huge roster play both games? My current (fingers crossed) hope is that they move Jackson and some others back up to Premier 2. But that’s probably not going to happen.
9:52 PM Thursday, August 24, 2023
So the BetterMe calisthenics is a 28 day program, and I'm 4 days in. Think I'll try and do 28 days straight. That means I'll have to do it when we go to Saugatuck for Labor Day weekend. Hair is starting to get annoying. I put it up into a ponytail today. And went out in public. It's that bad. I'm also already thinking about the hairstyles, and I feel like I have to make a choice early on, do I try a full on mullet, or everything else? Because there aren't many options after doing a mullet. Maybe a rat tail? But lots of options if I keep it longer on top for longer. 2 months or so to think about that. Had a coach/parents meeting for Northwinds 2013 Premier 3, got some clarification on how this year's going to work out. Enough players for 2 teams, but still get to practice together, but have separate game schedules. Also get to have another tourney in November. Home field is UIC because it's 9v9, so needed a bigger field. Winter will be 7v7. That's pretty much it.
10:04 PM Friday, August 25, 2023
Did a little work and called into the All Hands from The Spoke & Bird this morning. Had a Monte Cristo and a cappuccino. Then walked down to CH2 Data Center, got a full regular badge, then met some coworkers for a tour of our space. Was supposed to get the 2nd full regular badge, but they ticket had to go through a couple other steps before that could happen. Found out we had a 2nd cage that I wasn’t aware of. But yeah, always cool to see the data center. Got my 5th day of BetterMe in, along with an outdoor 1 hour walk after I drove the kids to soccer practice. Got a chance to talk with Austin. I tried jogging for a bit of the walk, but nope, body isn’t ready for that. Made me think I should try, gasp, a couch to 5k program. Might be worth it. Might need it. Also made a watermelon gazpacho yesterday, and it’s delicious. Quite refreshing. Only missing the dill from the recipe, wondering what that would add to it.
10:41 PM Saturday, August 26, 2023
Not sure what it is with soccer and shopping malls, but it’s a thing for me. Took Jackson out to Aurora for the Chicago Development Showcase at the Stuart Sports Complex for the day. He got assigned the 2 games today, 10am and 5:30pm. Even though I made a comment about factoring in time for parking and walking to the fields, I was still 15 minutes late to when he was supposed to be there. Did my usual photo and game tracking (this time through PlayMetrics). Going to take a while to get up to speed on posting in the new app, but getting the hang of it. First half was rough, down 0-3. Big field, lots of space, rusty. During the 6 hour break, took Nicky with us to the Chicago Premium Outlets. They played on the playground, got some lunch at the food court, more playground while I did some shopping. Then his mom showed up after his sister’s game finished, hung out for a bit, got some Auntie Anne’s, then Jackson and I started heading back, stopping off at Target and Walmart on the way back to the fields. Got some foam dart blasters, but couldn’t find any Pokemon cards to get. 2nd game was pretty bad. Other team was pretty good. Then back to the mall for Tea Ninja (although they ran out of tapioca) and crepes for dinner. Fairly smooth drive home. Was going to try and post some pictures to the game chats, but realized I take bad pictures. I need to up my shutter speed and figure out if there’s a sports mode I can use. Things I should have realized 2 years ago when I started taking sports photos. Anyway, was gone for like 13 hours today. Going to enjoy a pretty lazy Sunday, but I’ll have to fit my exercise in since I skipped today.
4:20 PM Sunday, August 27, 2023
Got back to exercising today. Legs are sore though. Saw that Jackson's soccer team won their game today, which is great, but disheartening, since Jackson hasn't had a win in a while. Also saw that P2 won their first game and lost their final, so some wins on the weekend. Got plenty of sleep last night, which was nice. Walked around Taco Fest for a bit, not too long though. Didn't actually eat any tacos though. Jackson tried 3 different al pastor, which he liked. Maybe he'll switch his orders going forward to that from steak. Now just relaxing, like I wanted to, and Tracy's going to grill tonight. Might be cool enough to have a fire too (if I can scrounge up enough wood).
10:03 PM Monday, August 28, 2023
Since it’s cooled down, I went out for a ruck today after my BetterMe calisthenics. Been tired lately even though I’m getting plenty of sleep. Maybe the daily exercise is wearing me out? Just goes to show how out of shape I am. Currently taking suggestions on halloween costumes that a) take advantage of the hair I’ve been growing out and b) is part of a couples costume.
8:50 PM Tuesday, August 29, 2023
No rucking today, just a long walk. Also found out Tracy and Lucy are doing the Hot Chocolate 5K, so now Jackson and I are also doing it. And now I have an actual goal for doing the Couch to 5K program. Looks like we did it back in 2008. Funny we actually have the jackets, and it was back when it was done up in Lincoln Park, instead of Grant Park. Should be interesting. Started putting my Nanoleaf Shapes to Daylight to add even more daylight to my basement office. Think it’s a good idea. Although my Meross Light Strip behind the monitor works fine, I’m wondering if I should switch over to a Nanoleaf version so everything matches. Still can’t wait until the Nanoleaf Skylight comes out. Although I’m wondering if I’m going to replace the Nanoleaf Canvas I have ceiling mounted or the Ikea FLOALT LED Light Panel, or maybe both?
9:22 PM Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Another day, another workout. Did my ruck after dropping the kids off at soccer practice. Decided to switch back to the SwagMat silicone wedding ring, although it doesn’t quite match my to my moonlight watch band. Maybe I’ll switch back to the black band until I get a light gray ring. Had quesadills for my food today. I keep getting surprised at how good they are.
9:56 PM Thursday, August 31, 2023
Another day of exercise. Another hour walk. Probably the most consistent I've been with exercise in possibly ever. And just 2 weeks in. BetterMe I feel has great workouts, but the app sucks compared to, say, Apple Fitness+. When I'm starting a workout, I have no idea what equipment I'll need if any. Their voice over instructions to the exercises don't always match the video examples that play. Audio level jumps around. Not sure if I'll keep it after the subscription ends, or after the 28 day challenge ends, or if I can find another workout app/service that will be what I'm looking for. Started watching Secret Invasion. Pretty crazy revelations halfway through. I had to watch it because I got spoiled with some headlines, so I know the big twist coming, but that also means I'm looking for stuff as I'm watching from the beginning.
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