8:35 PM Wednesday, <August 23>, 2023
Quads are sore from the BetterMe workout. I haven’t done lunges in forever. Did a straight hour long treadmill walk. I did figure out a couple things at work, which was nice, since I also just found out they had layoffs and among those affected were some legacy employees. Now apparently there’s only 3 of us old guard left, granted with 60+ years experience combined, but still. Pretty hot out today. Only lost power for like 10 minutes. Timing was inopportune, just as I was coming back from the grocery, so had to park on the street for 10 minutes. No idea what this year’s Northwind’s season is going to be like. There’s currently 22 players on our roster (official max size is 16), and there’s a Premier 4 besides the Premier 3. So not sure if we’re going to officially split into 2 teams, or just continue having a huge roster play both games? My current (fingers crossed) hope is that they move Jackson and some others back up to Premier 2. But that’s probably not going to happen.