9:56 PM Thursday, <August 31>, <2023
Another day of exercise. Another hour walk. Probably the most consistent I've been with exercise in possibly ever. And just 2 weeks in. BetterMe I feel has great workouts, but the app sucks compared to, say, Apple Fitness+. When I'm starting a workout, I have no idea what equipment I'll need if any. Their voice over instructions to the exercises don't always match the video examples that play. Audio level jumps around. Not sure if I'll keep it after the subscription ends, or after the 28 day challenge ends, or if I can find another workout app/service that will be what I'm looking for. Started watching Secret Invasion. Pretty crazy revelations halfway through. I had to watch it because I got spoiled with some headlines, so I know the big twist coming, but that also means I'm looking for stuff as I'm watching from the beginning.