8:50 PM Tuesday, <August 29>, 2023
No rucking today, just a long walk. Also found out Tracy and Lucy are doing the Hot Chocolate 5K, so now Jackson and I are also doing it. And now I have an actual goal for doing the Couch to 5K program. Looks like we did it back in 2008. Funny we actually have the jackets, and it was back when it was done up in Lincoln Park, instead of Grant Park. Should be interesting. Started putting my Nanoleaf Shapes to Daylight to add even more daylight to my basement office. Think it’s a good idea. Although my Meross Light Strip behind the monitor works fine, I’m wondering if I should switch over to a Nanoleaf version so everything matches. Still can’t wait until the Nanoleaf Skylight comes out. Although I’m wondering if I’m going to replace the Nanoleaf Canvas I have ceiling mounted or the Ikea FLOALT LED Light Panel, or maybe both?