12:10 PM Monday, <August 14>, <2023
Missed another daily post. Went out to Retro on Roscoe last night, ended up at Piazza Bella Trattoria & Osteria with Dave and Kelley and Gina and Tracey and Ronan and Emersyn and Serafina and Hudson and Caleb and Bob. Good food, good times. Kids ending up doing a sleepover at Serafina’s, so ended up over there for a couple drinks to end the night. Did manage to get Jackson into Ten Pound Cake, although Gina and Kelley didn’t get Fina or Hudson in, even though we were all doing it on our phones outside the restaurant as the clock struck 8pm. Trying to get back a little on schedule, did some exercises this morning during a work break, might try and do some walk working later too.