9:14 PM Sunday, <August 20>, 2023
Finally got around to last minute school shopping. Ended up at the Staples in Glenview, managed to get almost everything except a calculator coming on Tuesday (in purple) and pack of colored copy paper. Had lunch at Hackney’s on Lake, which wasn’t nearly as good as I remember the Hackney’s on Printer’s Row from way back when. Went to a Target on Dempster which was a tiny one like the one on Ashland, so after getting gas went to the one on Howard. Much bigger. Lucy got some clothes there. Then had to bring Lucy to Glazed Expressions for a last day of summer pottery session with Lucy and Isabelle. Then we went to Dick’s to check out cleats for Jackson, so I know of a brand/style that fits him, so when he out grows his current cleats, I can have it queued up. Did use the AYSO coupon on some shorts for Tracy and some Prime. After coming home, had to head back down to pick Lucy up and then got some Tea Ninja and checked out a cool Japanese coffee shop that just opened, Omi. Need to try it out one day. Maybe do some work there? Also picked up a smiley face cookie and a black and white cookie from The Bagel, but those weren’t that good, so now I might have to go on another quest to find some good ones. Tracy made bread salad for dinner, and kids are all packed for the first day tomorrow. Looking forward to it.