10:41 PM Saturday, <August 26>, 2023
Not sure what it is with soccer and shopping malls, but it’s a thing for me. Took Jackson out to Aurora for the Chicago Development Showcase at the Stuart Sports Complex for the day. He got assigned the 2 games today, 10am and 5:30pm. Even though I made a comment about factoring in time for parking and walking to the fields, I was still 15 minutes late to when he was supposed to be there. Did my usual photo and game tracking (this time through PlayMetrics). Going to take a while to get up to speed on posting in the new app, but getting the hang of it. First half was rough, down 0-3. Big field, lots of space, rusty. During the 6 hour break, took Nicky with us to the Chicago Premium Outlets. They played on the playground, got some lunch at the food court, more playground while I did some shopping. Then his mom showed up after his sister’s game finished, hung out for a bit, got some Auntie Anne’s, then Jackson and I started heading back, stopping off at Target and Walmart on the way back to the fields. Got some foam dart blasters, but couldn’t find any Pokemon cards to get. 2nd game was pretty bad. Other team was pretty good. Then back to the mall for Tea Ninja (although they ran out of tapioca) and crepes for dinner. Fairly smooth drive home. Was going to try and post some pictures to the game chats, but realized I take bad pictures. I need to up my shutter speed and figure out if there’s a sports mode I can use. Things I should have realized 2 years ago when I started taking sports photos. Anyway, was gone for like 13 hours today. Going to enjoy a pretty lazy Sunday, but I’ll have to fit my exercise in since I skipped today.