8:43 PM Sunday, <July 16>, 2023
Got a couple long overdue tasks finally completed today. Well, sort of. The side of the house security light has been on day and night, so I finally took off the light sensor that wasn’t working, and just kept it off. Gotta decide next steps, but I think at least a Shelly relay to be able to control it from HomeKit since it doesn’t have a switch anywhere that I know of. Also finally think I focused the alley security camera. Not going camping this week, since Lucy has a lifeguard competition on Wednesday, and she had Regionals today, so we would have only gone for Monday and back on Tuesday. Not really worth it. Guess we aren’t going camping this year. Also I took the week off work, but I’ll probably end up working anyway. I’m actually planning on going in to the office on Wednesday, since it’s a SuperCharge week. But it’s also HackDays, but I figure I should show my face. Also means I’ll get some Krispy Kreme and probably some Magnolia Bakery goodies. So that’s something to look forward to this weekend.