11:12 PM Monday, <July 17>, 2023
So without camping, we had a Solo Stove campfire and s’mores (at least for Jackson). Probably try and keep up the campfires for the next couple of days maybe? To try and mimic camping. Got a couple more electric water guns. The glock looking ones are probably the most fun, but least responsible looking ones. I got a 2-pack, and one of them didn’t work, so doing a return. Hopefully both in the next set work. But now shouldn’t have to get any more, although the Spyra does look tempting, however expensive it is. Did some work today, had to fix an issue I introduced while fixing a different issue. Also took up the shades in the basement, so it’s marginally better working down there. Might be tempted to get some Lutron shades installed so it can be actually useful. I think I am going to have to look into that Ikea LED Panel fake window thing that I saw online somewhere.