10:15 PM Tuesday, <July 18>, 2023
Had another Solo Stove campfire, and more s’mores for Jackson, and we had Hudson over as well as his parents. Pretty good Tuesday. Headed into the office tomorrow for the first time since September 19 last year. Crazy it’s been that long. Did a ruck this morning after dropping Lucy off at practice. Pretty rough, since it’s been a while, and my hands swelled, maybe because the rucksack was too tight? Anyway, felt good although the balls of my feet feel like they got blisters. Getting a pair of Goruck Ballistic Trainers which should be much better for rucking going forward. Watched The Flash, which was OK. Felt like there were some inside jokes with lines in the movie being about the actor. Self referential. Finished season 2 of Shadowhunters, and then realized that Season 3 is a full 22 episodes.