10:48 PM Wednesday, <July 19>, 2023
You know what’s nice about the office? All those windows and all that light. Really pretty nice. Odd to have the desk that I do have, smack dab in the middle of engineering. Good to see Jay and Dave though. Funny to see Sonya on the Brown Line on the way in to the office. Disappointed that the Krispy Kreme at Block 37 is closed, and the selection at Magnolia Bakery wasn’t all that good after work today. So less of an incentive to go into the office, but it’s still a pretty nice office. Maybe once the kids start school again I’ll start going in more often. Pokemon GO was pretty productive though, a near constant GPS drift hatched a couple eggs, and there’s so many stops. I was able to complete the 15 research task research task today, pretty much on my way home. Got a little walking treadmill for my standing desk at home, so hopefully that will help. Certainly can’t hurt. Tried a couple frozen versions of cocktails using sugared alcohol, and don’t think I’m a fan.