9:01 PM Sunday, <July 30>, <2023
Of course procrastinated last night, finished Shadowhunters, didn’t get to bed until 2:30, at which point I figured it was a good time to install Flighty and check flight info, at which point I found out our flight from ORD-DEN was delayed, and we’d most likely miss our connecting flight from DEN-LIH. So I tried looking for alternatives, tried getting in touch with United support online, but no luck, then tried calling in and there was a 2 hour queue, so I figured we’d just find out at the airport. So when we got there eventually they said to try making it, because at that time there was a 15 min layover, instead of the 1.5 hour. So we check bags, go through security, get some breakfast, wait at the gate, and it gets delayed again and now like a -22 min layover. So I eventually get in line and managed to be the last person to get rebooked (went with a whole new set of flights for tomorrow, ORD-LAX-HNL-LIH) instead of just going to DEN and then trying to get something the next day, like DEN-LAX-HNL-LIH. We also get hotel rooms and food vouchers, end up keeping our bags and hopefully checked in for us in the morning, and head over to the Hyatt Regency O’Hare for the night on the shuttle bus. This was like 11:30am. Got some lunch for the food place in the hotel, took a nap, walked over to the Fashion Outlet mall and got some Tea Ninja. rearranged our reservations, at which point I realized our connecting flight in DEN was also delayed, and we probably would have made that connection. Instead, I get a Cinnabon. Dinner at the hotel bar/restaurant and try and update all the things. Fingers crossed I’m writing this tomorrow from Kaua’i.