10:33 PM Friday, <July 21>, 2023
Got a pair of {GORUCK Ballistic Trainers]] yesterday, and took them out for a spin this morning after dropping Lucy off at practice and before picking her up. Amazing what a proper pair of footwear does for exercising. Also, I think I got better at rucksack fit, as my hands didn’t swell up this time. They’re a very light grey, so had to order some more Darn Tough white socks so I don’t look as old as I feel. Tempted to get a water weight bag so I can ruck on vacation. For a relatively simple exercise, it feels good. Got some work done, even though I’m still officially on vacation. Got some treats from La Fournette. Not bad, and I think they provide some pastries to Dom’s Kitchen & Market. Next to try is Cocoa & Co.. Probably next week.