11:51 PM Saturday, <July 8>, 2023
Finally cut out some of the drywall to confirm the leak issue in the guest bedroom. Just took a reciprocating saw to it and cut enough out to check. Tracy’s not gonna let me get on the roof to try and install a vent cap, so gotta try and find a roofer that will do it. Might be a little hard to explain. Anyway, looks like there’s 2 up there that might need caps or hoods. Besides that trying to put up Nanoleaf Canvas as work lighting above my basement desk. Hopefully it’s bright enough. I’m hoping it will be. Otherwise, maybe I’ll let. the one of the kids have it? Biked up and got Poke Burrito with Jackson for dinner. Thought they had an eat in area, but I guess they’re strictly carryout. Weird. Also got some bubble tea at T Square Cafe since we had time to kill before the burritos were ready. Not bad, but I just like the (I’m guessing Americanized) slushie type drinks. The burritos had way too much rice, but otherwise pretty good. Also finally solved the Rubik’s Cube for the first time in my life by following instructions from the internet. Just have to start memorizing the algorithms so I can do it without having the instructions (https://ruwix.com/the-rubiks-cube/how-to-solve-the-rubiks-cube-beginners-method/) up.