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6:43 AM Wednesday, June 2, 1999
Summer League kicked off in earnest on Monday at the Annual Memorial Day Hat tourney. The weather was alright, not quite as nice as the weekend preceeding, but hot. My team went 2-1, respectable, before losing to a team with LeShane, Kuchinski, and Peyton. Tiphanie and I also have an official team number for CUSL season, we are Team 15. Maybe this year I can get around to making a web page for the team before the season ends. So my 4 year stint at Northwestern is coming to a close. I've got less than three weeks leftnow. I've got a project due in about 7 hours or so. I've got an assignment due Friday, but since I'll be in Tucson then, I've got to get it in before 5pm on Thursday. And then the following Monday is my last school related event, at least academic event, a final.
4:00 PM Friday, June 4, 1999
I'm currently at the University of Arizona Computing and Technology Store, typing this up on an SGI 320 Visual Workstation. Made the flight alright last night, I've got homework due in less than an hour, and I'm in Tucson.It's nice that they have internet access here available, for pretty much free. They've also got a pretty nice Apple display set up; Emate, imacs, G3's. There's a chance Dave, Karl, Karl's cousin Margot, and I could go to Mexico this weekend. Interesting.
5:00 PM Saturday, June 5, 1999
We spent the whole day with Karl's high school friend Julie. We went to Sabino Canyon in Sunny Tucson for a hike and a tram ride. It was nice. Last night we went to a couple bars. It's definitely a college town here in Tucson, not like Evanston at all. This is being typed from a computer in the University of Arizona's Student Union. Tonight we plan on doing some more bar hopping clubbing, followed by some studying for Karl and me tomorrow. We sat outside on the football field today, enjoyingthe freedom to relax on the grass field. Nice to be at a college that letsyou do that.
3:22 PM Monday, June 7, 1999
Summer League really kicks off today in the oppressive heat and humidity of Chicago. Team 15 has their first game down in Jackson Park, field 3, and lucky us we get to be dark. We're playing team 4.Should be good. In other news, all I've got left is a late assignment, which I should be working on. Pretty much just a java GUI front end to a database. Should be interesting. Getting home from Arizona was a blast last night. We got on the plane at 2:20pm PST, 4:20pm CST, and arrived at ORD at 11:30pm CST. Quite a ride. We made an unscheduled visit to Kansas City to refuel while waiting for the vicious thunderstorms barring our arrival at O'Hare to quiet down. But we finally made it, and everything was good.
7:36 PM Tuesday, June 8, 1999
Puck is back. After a month and a half long hiatus, I am with car again.I did some shopping today, got myself a new pair of cleats, my first Kelme pair. They're supposedly the widest cleats out there. I also got some tan or grey soccer socks, but I didn't find my silver jersey yet. I also got some more Hanes t-shirts, as well as another oil latern and some Citronella Oil and some bug repellent in preparation for late summer league games. I was tempted to buy BBQ and a tent, but I'll hold off on those purchases till later. I'm thinking about getting into fishing again,I remember the days of hooking worms and casting bobbers far into Lake Vermillion up in Minnesota. Thanks Walls. So maybe after these fast pacedcollege years slow down, a fishing pole and hat could be ideal companions to my slower life.
10:38 AM Thursday, June 10, 1999
I think I hurt myself at Summer League last night. Something about my left gluteus maximus, just doesn't feel right. But in other news, I've still got this assignment to get finished, and then I'm really done. There might be poker at my place tonight, the last time as a college student, but I've only got a couple people interested so far, just Ben and Nate. It's warm out and staying that way. It's nice to have the car back and driving. I also really need to do some laundry. My new cleatsdid work pretty well. The team doesn't quite have a name yet, but we'rehaving fun.
9:19 PM Saturday, June 12, 1999
School is officially over for me. No more programs for grades, no more readings, no more art due by Tuesday, no more discussion sections, no more exams or finals. Learning by a deadline is no more. Now it is about production. I have to use what I've learned, and make things, and do things. And NU has done a pretty good job I believe. I graduate in a week. I wrote my first 1000 line program in Java this past week. It's pretty cool. I've got to start packing up my room, my home for the last year, and put it in boxes, to wait for the summer, before moving into the new home. And so things end, and other stuff start. Also means it's time for my homepage to change its face once again.Sometime I'll have version 5.0 up and running.
3:30 AM Monday, June 14, 1999
A night of Gluttony, the start of the end. Karl, Dave, and I went toMerle's and had a Barnyard Platter. After that we got some Ben & Jerry'sor Haagen-Daaz, a pint each, and watched some movies. I got 240% of mydaily saturated fat from a pint of Haagen Daaz Cookie Dough Chip. Oh,and interspersed throughout the movies were shots of really bad JoseCuervo Silver Tequila, no lime or salt. So that was the first day ofSenior Week.
3:58 PM Tuesday, June 15, 1999
Karl, Dave and I went to Aura for the Senior Class Club night last night. Interesting. Karl disappeared early in the night, only to appear periodically throughout the night with a short asian girl on his hip. And today was the freshman dorm reunion at Shepard, a return to the lonely 2nd floor freshmen.So graduation edges closer and closer. I've got a suitcase to buy, but I finally got some checks in the account, but there's more in preparation for vacation, and moving. Onward. Tonight is the formal at Navy Pier with one beautiful Jessica Kuchinski.
10:23 AM Thursday, June 17, 1999
The Formal went well Tuesday night. Jess and I followed it up with a stop at the Green Mill for a bit, before retiring. Wednesday brought some shopping for me, a new suitcase for the upcoming vacation, some shirts, and a pair of non-khaki pants. I missed out on the Senior BBQ last night but made it to Last Lecture by Prof. Bailey at the Keg, my first visit there. Then I had dinner, Macaroni and Cheese, back at Ridge Warren, and then bedtime. Today is laundry, and packing, and other random stuff as my last days in Ridge Warren draw to a close. Saturday will be my last day here at my place of residence for the past 12 months.It's been interesting to say the least. Also yesterday I picked up my cap and gown, and splurged for the souvenier tassel. So I did pass all my classes, and I'm graduating with a degree and a minor.
1:23 AM Friday, June 18, 1999
Another night of good food and friends. Karl, Dave and I went to Pete Miller's for good steak. It was good. I did laundry this morning, and started packing up my stuff. I've almost got everything out of the closet.I still have to move it all to my sublet for the summer, to which I don't have keys yet for. Tomorrow brings more packing and moving, and maybe a commencement, or maybe not. There's a lot to pack up here from Ridge Warren. Maybe I'll come back Sunday and move the rest of the stuff over.But I have this craving for Super Just Games after playing a round of Time Crisis 2 and a round of Police Trainer at Last Lecture. Something about a shooting video game.
3:43 PM Sunday, June 20, 1999
Like a cylinder, as Jess told me. So I've got a degree, and a job. And a girlfriend. And a computer. So I'm no longer a Northwestern Student.I also moved out of Ridge Warren Friday and Saturday, and going on vacation for a couple weeks before returning to live for the summer in Evanston before moving into my new place. I'm getting sick, feels like the flu, or something. I'm pretty sore from moving out. And my butt, it's not a pulled gluteus max, but more like an upper hamstring problem, but I'm contemplating not playing Club this year, and let myself rest. I would continue to play summer league and captain team 15 to victory, but easing up on Ultimate to increase my longivity in the sport is a good idea. And so this is most likely my last post in this forum. The web page will most likely change in the next two weeks. It's been a good year, full of life and experiences.
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