6:43 AM Wednesday, <June 2>, 1999
Summer League kicked off in earnest on Monday at the Annual Memorial Day Hat tourney. The weather was alright, not quite as nice as the weekend preceeding, but hot. My team went 2-1, respectable, before losing to a team with LeShane, Kuchinski, and Peyton. Tiphanie and I also have an official team number for CUSL season, we are Team 15. Maybe this year I can get around to making a web page for the team before the season ends. So my 4 year stint at Northwestern is coming to a close. I've got less than three weeks leftnow. I've got a project due in about 7 hours or so. I've got an assignment due Friday, but since I'll be in Tucson then, I've got to get it in before 5pm on Thursday. And then the following Monday is my last school related event, at least academic event, a final.