10:23 AM Thursday, <June 17>, 1999
The Formal went well Tuesday night. Jess and I followed it up with a stop at the Green Mill for a bit, before retiring. Wednesday brought some shopping for me, a new suitcase for the upcoming vacation, some shirts, and a pair of non-khaki pants. I missed out on the Senior BBQ last night but made it to Last Lecture by Prof. Bailey at the Keg, my first visit there. Then I had dinner, Macaroni and Cheese, back at Ridge Warren, and then bedtime. Today is laundry, and packing, and other random stuff as my last days in Ridge Warren draw to a close. Saturday will be my last day here at my place of residence for the past 12 months.It's been interesting to say the least. Also yesterday I picked up my cap and gown, and splurged for the souvenier tassel. So I did pass all my classes, and I'm graduating with a degree and a minor.