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3:31 PM Tuesday, July 6, 1999
So I didn't design a new personal home page in the past two weeks. A revised schedule places that at the end of the summer, maybe even as late as October. So this will be a year of Daily Dose.

Vacation was good, relaxing and busy. All sorts of stuff to see. And now I'm back, working, living in Evanston, playing with my girl and the dog she's dogsitting. I'm still injured, it seems to be a possible pulled origin of the hamstring, or something, but it's a pull, so that means I'm pulling out of any competative ultimate for the summer and fall. I'd like to keep playing for a while in the future. And I've got plans for the next 8 weekends, so it's a busy summer ahead of me. I'm pretty tan, so I don't have to work on that ever again, but the thrill of coloring the hair is coming back, so possible bleaching, highlighting, or coloring maybe in my near future.

10:37 AM Friday, July 9, 1999
9-5, at least when the alarm clock works. But my first week of work is almost done. I only wish I could get more sleep at night. Too busy with things to get to bed early. Actually, just playing with a dog, Gus. Especially playing with Gus and his rope toy. I think it brings out the coyote in him, working on tearing flesh from bones, because rope has that consistency of muscle tissue, at least I think so. I still haven't completely figured out the 'el' yet. I'm sure there's so many tips and secrets to efficiently get around downtown that I'll spend my working career trying to find them all out. This weekend brings the Great Circus Parade up in Milwaukee and also Bastille Days in the same city. It should be fun.
11:00 PM Tuesday, July 13, 1999
Guess who's not playing ultimate but watching much too much ultimate? Me, that's who. So last weekend was not spent doing free stuff in Milwaukee, it was doing free stuff chez Unverzagt. No cirCUS, no Bastille days. But a day on the boat, some time in the water, and some chicken. But anyway, team 15 won their first game on monday. This weekend is going to be spent at home, with hopefully a visit to Dr. Rochelle for a checkup of that injury.Daily updates becoming so much less daily when the boss is working just behind my left shoulder.
9:40 AM Thursday, July 15, 1999
I'm going to see American Pie tonight, and the only thing I've heard is that one of the characters from Buffy has a really out of character line toward the end. I think it's Willow. Should be interesting.And this weekend at home means more movies than I can count on one hand. I'm interested in watching Blue again. What a great movie. But other than that, maybe some big budget blockbusters, or something quiet and intellectual, or maybe finally In the Company of Men. I'll find out when I step into Dollar Video to make my choices.
8:25 PM Saturday, July 17, 1999
Well, a somewhat productive day at home. Not really at home, but while Iwent home for the weekend. I got my butt checked out, and it appearsto be just a pulled hamstring, but other than that, don't know whatelse. If the pain continues, I might get an MRI. I got a haircut,but I'm trying to grow it out a little, just for fun. Did some shoppingwith the parents, which was good. Ate some food, also good. And nowgoing to watch some movies and eat some ice cream. Good, Good, and Good.On the way home from e-town on yesterday, I took the challenge and gotthe 64 oz. Slurpee from 7-11. Got about 2/3 done, and just couldn'tfinish it. Too much Slurpee, even for me.
7:41 PM Friday, July 23, 1999
So what's been the news for the past week? I stepped down as CUSL co-captain of Team 15. I keep working. I spend time with my girlfriend. I only saw two movies last weekend, one of which I forgot. Oh, and Jess helped bleach my hair, I now have highlights that are brown, orange, some lighter color than black. I'm going to see Richard III at Shakespeareon the Green tomorrow night, 8pm, at Barat College. That's pretty much it.
1:00 PM Monday, July 26, 1999
For young Shelly Peyton, check out Musingsfor your dedication. For Wise and Old Biz, check back later for your own.

Richard III was good on Saturday, as was the trip to Denny's following. It was a good weekend, plenty of fun and love. But the week starts again, and work begins in earnest. I'm going to take the step up in sandal footware, and move past the $11 Target cork things and get a pair of Birks. I'm planning on the 3 strap Milanos. Classic. And I've always dreamed of a pair. The other plans on the horizon is a weekend in Nashville. That should be good.

2:31 PM Tuesday, July 27, 1999
Kate, go check out yours,and once again, my sweet, yours is coming

I've finally invested, I got a pair of Birkenstocks last night, brown leather Milanos. Standard, Classic, friends have had them for years. So I'm a little late, oh well. Not starts the fun part of breaking them in. I got some money back from Parliment Enterprises, part of my Security Deposit from Ridge Warren. That was most pleasant. Other than that, I've finished book 2 of the Neuromancer Trilogy, and now have to get myself Mona Lisa Overdrive, which will make a whole lot more sense the second time around. I'd like to read the Ender Wiggan Tale again, Ender's Game along with Xenocide, Speaker of the Dead, and all those others. Good, fastread books. Good for the 'el'.

3:00 PM Friday, July 30, 1999
Leaving for Nashville tonight. And so ends July. August begins anew on Sunday. Time to start exercising again, some running, some crunches, some push ups. And what else does it mean? The end of summer, but it certainly doesn't feel like it. The heat is unbearable here in Chicago, approaching or passing 100 today. I'm currently downloading Oracle 8i for Linux. That should be a good backend for Chez Esso, or is it Casa Esso. But I get ahead of myself.
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