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9:48 AM Monday, August 2, 1999
Nashville was good. Thanks to the Kuchinskis. I like sleeping in air conditioning. Saw The Blair Witch Project ( Scary ass movie. Not the movie, but the movie. It stays, it sticks, it haunts the mind. Recommended. No problems driving the 16 hours this weekend. Felt good to get out on the open road again. Puck is now up above 40k. Got some Krispy Kreme Donuts for the ride back. Much too much, so I've got breakfast for the rest of the week. Ummm, glazed Krispy Kremes. Ummmm.
12:44 PM Wednesday, August 4, 1999
So I like the movie. I like the idea. I read about it on the web, is thatso wrong? Anyway, yesterday went to see my new place, I'm leaning toward Casa Esso, but I'm still open to suggestions, and took a look around. It's a little bit off the 'el', but that's alright, at least while it's warm out. It's got nice windows. I checked out outlets, in preparation for wiring the place for Networking of some sort. I also did some online searching for wireless products as well. Maybe. Tonight going to pick Jess up from her interview and go out on a date. Tomorrow going to go with on a kickoff meeting for a project at work. And going home Friday. I'm not reading anything right now, I'm currently working on my personaldatabase, but I'll start up again when I pick up the rest of the Ender Wiggin Series from the library.
11:49 AM Monday, August 9, 1999
So I update the page a little bit with some 4.0 browser required code. It was cool, I thought, giving current date and time, updated dynamically.But to maintain older browser compatibility, I've returned to the previousways. News for me? Casa D'Esso is painted, and awaiting carpet around the 16th of August. I'm thinking of how to get it wired with Category 5 Cable as well as speaker cabling. I'm also thinking of Home Automation using X10, of which there are various Linux controlling software available.This would include all lights, sound system using mp3's, coffee machines, drapes or blinds, and anything else I can think off. Maybe a prolific use of motion sensors to figure out entering and leaving rooms? Besides that, saw an old friend on friday, went home. Went running again, reading the nationals commentary makes me want to play ultimate again. Really want to play. And last night, another trip to Omegas, and another Denver Omelette,which is also going to be lunch today. There is the National Poetry Slam in Chicago all this week, and Cooler and Kate's house this weekend. Oh, and the Wisconsin State Fair.
10:00 AM Wednesday, August 11, 1999
I went to my first sort of Poetry Slam, more reading than competition. Itwas cool. the National Poetry Slam is in Chicago this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and the Finals I think on on Saturday. After that went and got some late night mexican, which suprisingly left me very hungry this morning. I'm already looking forward to a mini-steak burrito from the Buggy for lunch, maybe I'll even get a grande. I got a phone number for my new place, but I won't really be there for a while. I've also tried to get cable service, but I need to send in more information. Maybe I'll go to Casa D'Esso tonight. I'm supposed to get it all wired by next monday. I don't think that's going to happen.
9:58 AM Friday, August 13, 1999
It's my new favorite song, listening to it all the time. That and Summer Girls by LFO, but I haven't been able to find it yet. Almost worth it to purchase and make my own. But tonight, going to see the semifinals of the National Poetry Slam at the Note. Most likely going to see it all, from the start to the end of the individual competitions. Should be good.Then leaving tomorrow to watch some quality club ultimate at Cooler in beautiful Delafield, WI. Then sunday, Jess and I get to stay at Casa d'Esso. I get to lay some cable down, and lay it out before the carpet goes in.
11:47 AM Monday, August 16, 1999
Maybe a new name, for a different place. But slept there for the first time last night. Took my first shower there. Where I will live for a while. Don't think it'll be home, yet, or ever. Weekend was good, never made it out to see some of the National Poetry Slam competition, logistics didn't work out, but saw some good ultimate, dove into a swimming pool, ate some brats, got some sun. Good weekend I think. Wonder who won? But a night of fluffy pillows on Wednesday. Some fall league action on Saturday, and some suburb driving on Sunday. All this week I'll probably be bringing stuff down to the 'Bando Condo. I'll aim to have most of it done by the weekend. Oh, yeah, and some clubbing on Friday. So that's it for the week.
9:41 AM Tuesday, August 17, 1999
Sony now returns to putting out their magazine, Sony Style, and I'm going to be first to subscribe. In other magazine news, I finally plan on subscribing to that wacky English Technology mag, T3. Also I learned that there's a bookon the Sony Design group, which I will have to pick up eventually. And moving will start tonight to the 'Bando Condo.
10:29 AM Monday, August 23, 1999
Goodbye Karl, and good luck in Charleston, SC. I went out with Bender, Springer, and Karl for Karl's last night in Chicago. 22 1/2 years later, he leaves the city that raised him. So no Circus that night, Bender and I wore sandals, but some bars, and some drinking. Saturday was fall pickup kickoff day out at Schiller. It was fun, although the pain there made me decide not to play at all for the fall season. Yesterday was driving around Chicago Suburbs helping Jessica look for a place to live. I never knew Lombard is closer to Chicago than Woodstock. You learn something new every day. More this week: finish moving into the Abando Condo by Wednesday, possibly living there starting this week. And still working.
Archive of <August> <1999> [reverse chronological]