3:43 PM Sunday, <June 20>, 1999
Like a cylinder, as Jess told me. So I've got a degree, and a job. And a girlfriend. And a computer. So I'm no longer a Northwestern Student.I also moved out of Ridge Warren Friday and Saturday, and going on vacation for a couple weeks before returning to live for the summer in Evanston before moving into my new place. I'm getting sick, feels like the flu, or something. I'm pretty sore from moving out. And my butt, it's not a pulled gluteus max, but more like an upper hamstring problem, but I'm contemplating not playing Club this year, and let myself rest. I would continue to play summer league and captain team 15 to victory, but easing up on Ultimate to increase my longivity in the sport is a good idea. And so this is most likely my last post in this forum. The web page will most likely change in the next two weeks. It's been a good year, full of life and experiences.