graduation, all what i've learned in college, the experiences, the knowledge, what i know now, <>=, life and living are the greatest teachers, it's best students, and confidants, knowing what exactly it is in life, knowing where the next foot will fall, knowing where you want to cut to get open, knowing which way is up, why the sky is blue, how often it rains in Tucson, AZ, why people see colors and not just black and white and shades of grey, what makes up a top quark, why the magnetic spins of neutrons and protons and electrons do that, how to throw the forehond, what is love, how strong love can be, how weak it makes you, the strength of words, the levels, depth and breadth of words, smiles and eyebrows, the smoothness of virgin plastic, the thrill of catching the winning goal, what is and isn't, true and false, d) all of the above, more or less, faith and belief, God and Fate, Luck and Chance, yes.
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