returning, circles, full circle, half circles, 360 degrees, °, if you know what i mean, if the ASCII code is correct, but how, or why, when or where does the circle become a line? leading somewhere, somewhere different, somewhere else, someelse, elsewhere, wheresome, and the clock strikes 3:28am, and i look around and wonder, the rocks that were friends, the sky darkens, the temperature falls, amazing how things change ownership, perceived or otherwise, new things to seek, new stuff to find, to say, yes, it is mine, to own, ownership, it is more than that, ages, years, old times, returning, new friends, seeking, the number's still fresh, easy on the fingertips, to ask, to call, and wonder will cease, or continue, heighten or dissipate, close that which has always been open. long ago but not forgotten, and so it goes, and so it goes
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