3:22 PM Monday, <June 7>, 1999
Summer League really kicks off today in the oppressive heat and humidity of Chicago. Team 15 has their first game down in Jackson Park, field 3, and lucky us we get to be dark. We're playing team 4.Should be good. In other news, all I've got left is a late assignment, which I should be working on. Pretty much just a java GUI front end to a database. Should be interesting. Getting home from Arizona was a blast last night. We got on the plane at 2:20pm PST, 4:20pm CST, and arrived at ORD at 11:30pm CST. Quite a ride. We made an unscheduled visit to Kansas City to refuel while waiting for the vicious thunderstorms barring our arrival at O'Hare to quiet down. But we finally made it, and everything was good.