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10:43 PM Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Definitely getting back into the groove of things, even though it was only really a 3 day weekend, it felt like much longer, in a good way. Back to another indoor bike ride and followed up with an Apple Fitness+ 20 minute core workout and my usual Gravity Push-Up Workout. Felt good, but it does take a while. Drove the kids to soccer and back. Went out to Target to pick up a couple things Tracy didn’t (because the Elston location was out of coconut milk and she forgot to get the Guiness). Actually got some work done while waiting for soccer practice to end. Guess it’s springtime in Chicago now. Surprised February was as mild as it was, weatherwise.
9:40 PM Monday, February 27, 2023
Apparently I was tired from the weekend vacation. Took a nap today. Didn’t go climbing (I used the excuse that it was raining this morning and I didn’t want to walk in the rain). I did do an indoor bike workout, but didn’t get to that until late, and then completely spaced and didn’t do my core or push-up workouts. Got a lot of leftovers to work through in the fridge. Tried out Anders Erickson’s Brown Derby recipe, and it was really good. It was even better with the strong proof bourbon. Wanted to start watching a sitcom, preferably one that was complete, but something new, but instead started Jupiter’s Legacy.
10:31 PM Sunday, February 26, 2023
That was a fun weekend away. Definitely felt like vacation. But it’s nice to get back to your own shower and bed and couch and TV. Went out for dinner, again, capping the weekend off at Bodega Sur. Meant Jackson got lamb chops for the 3rd time in 4 nights. Definitely the best of the 3. Although we figured out it’s mostly because of the sauce at Bodega. It’s a demi-glace of some kind. Also had myself a couple Pisco Sour cocktails, quite tasty. Finished up season 2 of Welcome to Flatch. I like that show. Starting tomorrow back to the diet and exercise routines. Also, I think I’m switching to decaf (don’t think I can just give up coffee again).
9:40 PM Saturday, February 25, 2023
Family got to go and watch Lucy’s meet today. Only actually caught 2 of her events, the 100 BR and the 200 IM. The 200 IM was nice because it was the last event type of the morning session, so got prime seating. We missed the first event of the day (500 FR) because that’s way too early and the 50 FR because they were running early, so I thought we had 10 minutes but when we got to the viewing deck she was already swimming her heat. Got a couple 6th place finishes (in 100 BR and 200 IM). Ended up taking a nap after getting Chipotle for lunch with everyone. Luke and Jackson swam at the hotel pool, and Al and I just picked up Giordano’s for dinner. Didn’t think I’d eat, but after smelling it in the car on the way home, was starving. Headed back out to watch 3 more of Lucy’s events with my parents (again not going to make it out for her first and the first event of the day, 50 Fly) tomorrow morning. Al and fam flying out in the morning, so they’ll be out before we’re up. Pretty good weekend.
10:49 PM Friday, February 24, 2023
Yeah, I missed yesterday’s post. Busy. Drove out to Huntley to stay with by brother Al and his family and my parents before my parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration today. So I was off my schedule. Stayed at a pretty new Hampton Inn in Huntley. Dinner at Bistro Wasabi. Good stuff. Jackson and Luke got to swim after dinner in the indoor pool. Tracy and Lucy drove out this morning to get to the anniversary mass, but were having CrossTrek problems. I think the battery was just loose, so tightened some stuff up and seemed to be all fixed. Did the first reading at the anniversary mass. Saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in forever. Lunch was at Green Garden. Lucy and Tracy had to leave early for regionals. We didn’t make it out to see her one event tonight, but we’re planning on going out for her later events tomorrow morning. She did manage to drop 6.77 seconds off her 200 BR, which is pretty cool. Which also means she made the 13-14 regional cut already, which is even better. So instead of driving 40 minutes down tonight, we went to Fogo de Chao for Al’s birthday. The one in Oak Brook was really nice. Next time we’ll make sure to go with Lucy and Tracy.
11:31 PM Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Went to Old Fashioned Magic at the Koval Distillery last night with the six families and the Spauldings. Really good magic show, and really good cocktails. I’m definitely going to have to go back for the cocktails. And thanks to my parents for watching the kids on the school night. As it was, almost everyone had to head home to put kids to bed. Next party will be around St. Patrick’s day. Headed out to the ‘burbs tomorrow after school for my parents 50th wedding anniversary on Friday. My brother and his family is flying in tomorrow. Also happens to coincide with Lucy’s regional swim meet this weekend, so going to go out there with the family to watch her as well. Didn’t exercise today. It was raining, so didn’t want to walk to the gym, and too lazy to drive. Just wanted an excuse because I wasn’t up for it today. Not sure how much weight I’m going to put on this weekend but I’m sure it’s gonna be a lot.
10:47 PM Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Discontinued Xfinity cable service today. Surprisingly easy. No hard sell to keep it. Think the next step is to see if there’s any way to lower our AT&T bill for the 4 phones, 4 iPads, and 2 Apple Watches.
11:02 PM Monday, February 20, 2023
Got my hands on some watermelon liquor, strawberry liquor (and also creme de cacao and creme de menthe). Currently workshopping a watermelon basil margarita and a strawberry rhubarb martini. Think I might have cracked the martini, but need to get it out in front of a wider audience. Not sure if there’s enough rhubarb flavor in the finished product. Think I’ve got a lot of work for the margarita though. Harder because I have an existing working recipe, but now trying to see if I can replicate it without the fresh watermelon juice/puree. It’s interesting stuff, trying to get it to work. Also wondering if just by swapping out the tequila for rum you get a daiquiri. Got some climbing in this morning. Busy gym probably because of the federal holiday. Always feels nice when I’m able to figure out a work issue relatively quickly. Working on cleaning out data center a bit. Also going to try install ChromeOS Flex on the least old Intel iMac that was sitting on the floor in there. Could be interesting.
8:29 PM Sunday, February 19, 2023
Jackson and I managed to survive the weekend. Even got to be a little productive, going to the public library today and getting Jackson his first library card. His first borrow? Well technically it was on my card, but it was a book about Kiss (apparently they’re doing one of their songs for the music through the ages program at Blaine). Finally figured out how to log in to my Chicago Public Library account, and put my library card back in my wallet. Not sure if I’m going to go back to borrowing books, or if I’ll just keep buying them. Went and got Forever Yogurt for dessert today. Been a while since I’ve been back there. Was half tempted to drive by or walk by our old place. Just realized I probably could have biked around today, but just ended up driving instead. I’m getting lazy.
9:41 PM Saturday, February 18, 2023
Lucy had a swim meet this weekend so it’s just me and Jackson all weekend. Went out to breakfast with my parents for my dad’s birthday at Eggsperience Cafe. Been a while since I’ve had an actual, real, sit down breakfast. It was nice. Don’t think I can do coffee though anymore. Had me a little jittery. But the Denver omelette was good. Then we went to the Jewel on Broadway so my parents could do some grocery shopping. And I think it’s better than our Jewel on Southport. They have the Doritos box of only regular and the Fun’yuns box. Also took Jackson to Lucky Strike Social for some arcade time. Realized I should have brought my iPad Pro to do some stuff while waiting. Had a Bohemian Bramble (way too sweet) and some BBQ Boneless Bites (pretty good). After a nap at home, ordered lamb chops for Jackson from Bodega Sur. It’s just really good.
10:48 PM Friday, February 17, 2023
Watched Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania today, 11:20 showing. It was a Numerator Recharge Day, so no work. Coincidentally it was on my birthday. First time at an Alamo Drafthouse, and pretty nice. Had a Breakfast Club (amazing), and a Coke. Move was pretty good too. Was nice only having to stay away from spoilers for like a day instead of months waiting for a new movie to come out on digital or streaming. Really curious how they eventually pull off Secret Wars, but hey, they made M.O.D.O.K. believable so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise a pretty quiet day. Strange to not have to get up early for Jackson’s soccer game tomorrow.
7:00 PM Thursday, February 16, 2023
Winter storm rolled in today. Well winter weather rolled in. Sleet and snow and cold temps. Much more fitting for February. Finished up Avengers: Endgame and watched an episode of What If? and the last episode of Loki in preparation for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania tomorrow. Haven’t seen an MCU movie on opening weekend in a long time, if ever. I’ve even checked out the menu at the Alamo Drafthouse already so I know what to get. Gotta start looking into what to do for storage for Plex. I’m rapidly running out of space again. Might be time to do a bigger upgrade? Not sure if I should do a new box or just more external storage. Leaning toward storage because it’s cheaper.
10:16 PM Wednesday, February 15, 2023
So it’s February, right? It’s supposed to be freezing, and maybe some snow on the ground, or a lot of ice. Instead it was like 50° yesterday and like 40’s today. Crazy. At least a storm’s supposed to roll in tomorrow, so we should get some more snow. Started Avengers: Endgame last night because Ant-Man is in it, but felt like I needed to watch Avengers: Infinity War because it really does feel like one big movie, even with the 5 year time jump. Just realized Jackson doesn’t have a soccer game this weekend. A little annoying because he’s going to miss the following weekend, so wish his bye matched up with my parents anniversary weekend.
10:41 PM Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Went to Jewel after dropping Lucy off at swim practice to pick up stuff for the lunch she has to bring for her field trip tomorrow and I noticed a number of individuals walking through the store with flowers, or cards, or picking up something sweet. Funny. Also, the Jewel on Clybourn and Wrightwood might be my new favorite Jewel for it’s selection. I should probably try some more to compare, but it’s definitely got stuff that my local Jewel on Southport does not have. Rode the xtracycle over to help my mom with a DocuSign issue. First time on a real bike ride in a while, and realizing it’s completely different from training. I’ve got to ramp up the training a lot. Also from Monday, I realized I get 10% off equipment at Movement Wrigleyville. Next month it’s time to upgrade my shoes.
10:14 PM Monday, February 13, 2023
Well, Jackson’s team couldn’t buy a basket after coming out on fire last game. Only managed to score 4 points after the barnburner yesterday. Maybe took 12 minutes before the first basket was scored by the other team (3rd place regular season finisher). But hopefully they had fun. And Jackson didn’t immediately dismiss playing again. So we’ll take that as a win. Stayed up way too late last night. Decided to start watching all the movies Ant-Man has been in to prepare for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on Friday. Oh, found the oil filled radiator heaters I got like 5 years ago. Started using them in my basement office. Just means I can’t waste money on a fancy infrared electric heater that looks like a fireplace.
3:48 PM Sunday, February 12, 2023
Jackson’s Neighborhood Boys and Girls Club Basketball team won their semifinals against the #1 seed today and heads to the championship game tomorrow night. Crazy. They’re peaking at just the right time. They came out on fire in the first half, shooting 66% at one point, and built a pretty insurmountable lead. Even if the score didn’t reflect it, that was a very intense game, felt like a nailbiter even though it ended up 23-11. Jackson had some good lucks, and played great defense. The team had some really pretty plays with passing that lead to easy buckets. Pretty fun.
11:55 PM Saturday, February 11, 2023
Made it to my first Chicago Auto Show, hitching with Jackson along with Dave, Hudson, and Serafina. Interesting. Just lots of cars to look at. Don’t think I saw many concept cars. I feel like most interesting was seeing which companies were the busiest, and it seemed like Lexus, Subaru and maybe Jeep were the winners. Unlike Jackson’s soccer team, which landed a draw. Watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever this morning. Pretty good. After the Auto Show ended up at Gina’s house for dinner. Probably ate too much. But a good time. Pretty quiet Super Bowl Sunday for tomorrow. Just have Jackson’s playoff basketball game. Otherwise, I think I’ve got some work to do.
10:08 PM Friday, February 10, 2023
Since I’ve only really got a couple podcasts I listen to that put out weekly episodes, and because of the NBA Trade Deadline, I started listening to The Bill Simmon’s Podcast again. Still entertaining, even if I haven’t really been keeping up that much on the sports ball world. Picked up dinner from TSAôcAA, even though Lucy skipped practice today. Only been like a month since the last time we got carryout. I’m working my way through the cocktails made for the various six families parties through the years, so I know which ones to make. Makes me want to try riffing and creating new cocktails (mostly to try and get around using fresh juices). Got a couple UniFi SmartPower Strips (6 outlet). Super easy to get on the network, and then again via a plugin and homebridge into HomeKit. Even gives me PoE switch port power control. Should have just gone that direction in the first place.
7:27 PM Thursday, February 9, 2023
Actually used my parents care enough that I had to fill it up. I was running all the way on E, got the light to show up and everything, but don’t think I figured out how to show miles to empty. I just assumed the 20 miles when I saw it a couple nights ago was too low. Slightly worried that I’d run out before I got to a gas station, but I made it just fine. Also got to use Apple Pay from my watch to pay, which is always nice. Also got to use the Webster bridge for the first time since it reopened to get to Mariano’s. Impulse purchases today: Häagen-Dazs ice creams (White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle), a shrimp cocktail, spring mix, and watermelon juice. Started up watching Lost in Space (2018) while I was on the bike trainer for my indoor bike ride. Yeah, I started exercising again.
8:52 PM Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Didn’t exercise again today, but feeling much better, like I’ve recovered. I should be able to get back on the bike tomorrow. Picked up Chipotle for the kids for dinner tonight. Surprisingly expensive, like I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t ordering 2 of everything. Granted they got guacamole on each of their dishes, and a side of chips and guac, and drinks, so all that guac adds up, but still. And Jackson and I got some Dairy Queen for dessert. Of course I had to get a banana split to stick in the freezer. So much better that way. I had ordered a used Wattbox 600 off eBay, had to send the first one back after the seller sent me another one which I thought was working, but turns out it isn’t. Tempted to just keep it and see if Sapient Home can just do the RMA for me. Think it’s time for them to come out and deal with some issues anyway. Also, super annoyed with a few of my Meross HomeKit devices. They stopped being accessible, even though they appeared to be on the network. So I’m trying a 2.4 GHz IoT only network, and so far seems to be working, but they always seem to work well when they get setup again. So wait and see. But I’m trying out a Ubiquiti SmartPower Strip to see if that’s more stable. The Ubiquiti stuff has been mostly bulletproof, so here’s hoping.
10:04 PM Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Too tired again today. Took the day off of exercise. Wondering if I need rest more? And it’s not like I’m losing weight. So trying to get a good night’s sleep tonight. Hopefully I’ll feel more refreshed tomorrow for my bouldering session? Drove the kids to soccer and back today. No parking, so didn’t stick around. Went around looking for threaded rods and couplers for a home project. Of course what I did find didn’t work, I needed a metric thread. So, came home and in 5 minutes found and ordered on Amazon.
10:26 PM Monday, February 6, 2023
Jackson had his first playoff basketball game today. They won! It was a 4-5 (they were the 5th seed), so a pretty close game, I think 12-8. Drove the girls to school this morning. Was much quicker than usual, or at least felt that way. Went climbing, as usual. Sanded the shoes down, so better, but still think it might be time to upgrade the footwear. Lots of calluses on the hands. Gotta remember to sand them down. Super tired today though, had to take a nap. Tired physically too, so the workouts were hard to get motivated for. Finished Ancillary Justice, and decided to finish the series, so moving on to Ancillary Sword.
10:02 PM Sunday, February 5, 2023
Just edited last night’s post to make it a Saturday night post, so I can keep up my streak. Also tried making a couple edits (I did NOT barf). But yeah, six families had a board party (based off that viral TikTok from last year about the butter board) on Saturday night. Tracy did a goat cheese board, Lucy did a rice board with Spam, pickled radishes, Kewpie and Ketchup/Sriracha, and I did a booze board (like 11 different cocktails in little sample bottles on ice in a cake pan (wouldn’t leak). Thanks to Sonya for the idea, but it went over well. And I liked making all the different kinds, instead of trying to make 1 or 2 batched cocktails. Interesting to see which ones went over well. Lots of options at the party, but I gotta be honest that all of them except Lucy and Tracy’s didn’t really follow the concept completely. Lots of boards with containers of spreads and dips and beautifully arranged items, but none really did the spreadables on a board, and you actually wipe food off the board. Anyway, it was all good. And yes, drank a little too much. Finished up The Queen’s Gambit, and decided to start up Orphan Black. Yesterday Jackson had a 7am soccer game, so we were home before Tracy and Lucy actually had to leave for Lucy’s math competition. Jackson and I went out to H Mart (needed seaweed and pickled radishes for the rice board). Got a bunch of stuff. Realized Spam and pickled radishes are amazing together. Put Pokemon Go back on my phone, hadn’t had it since I nuke and paved back in November. Then started to notice my battery dropping a lot more, so off it went.
11:56 PM Saturday, February 4, 2023
Booze board success. Sleepy.
11:02 PM Friday, February 3, 2023
Found a Redbreast 21 for $300 so I pulled the trigger. It was at the Foremost Liquors on Lincoln and Peterson. Saw it on the top case, had to do a double take, and still wandered around just in case they had anything else. They actually do have an E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof for $400 which is tempting, but maybe I need to try it before I buy it like next year. But the price, which I didn’t believe until it got rung up, is a full 25% cheaper than all other current places. So yeah, happy early birthday to me.
7:40 PM Thursday, February 2, 2023
Not sure if I’m going to get a Groundhog Day viewing in this year. Could if I have trouble sleeping or just want to stay up. The kids don’t have school tomorrow, so kinda feels like I’m off tomorrow too. Went and picked up the missing cupcakes from Sprinkles this morning. They even threw in an extra Raspberry Chocolate Chip, which I ate, and it was delicious. Didn’t run over and get more Cheesecake Factory. I was tempted to run into the LEGO store for funsies, but just went home stopping at Trader Joe’s for cookie butter and ended up getting a bunch of frozen stuff.
10:10 PM Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Only 334 more Daily Doses to go. Starting to track my cocktails on my account. So now that’s handling cocktails, books, and pet peeves kind of. Still want to get a Mastodon instance up and running so I can join the party. Although I just took a gander at, and it seems a little depressing. Kind of weakens the appeal. Might just take me a while to do it though. Drove Tracy downtown for a doctor’s appointment today, so preordered and picked up Sprinkles. They managed to forget 3 cupcakes (out of 14), but it was like 1 out of a box of 6, and 2 out of another box of 6. I wonder if it was because I picked it up slightly early, and they weren’t finished packing it? Called in to get it fixed, and going down tomorrow to pick up the missing ones. Might get more too. Like for me. Left a couple carrots outside, because I saw a bunch of bunny tracks in the snow. Hoping they’re gone in the morning.
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