9:41 PM Saturday, <February 18>, 2023>
Lucy had a swim meet this weekend so it’s just me and Jackson all weekend. Went out to breakfast with my parents for my dad’s birthday at Eggsperience Cafe. Been a while since I’ve had an actual, real, sit down breakfast. It was nice. Don’t think I can do coffee though anymore. Had me a little jittery. But the Denver omelette was good. Then we went to the Jewel on Broadway so my parents could do some grocery shopping. And I think it’s better than our Jewel on Southport. They have the Doritos box of only regular and the Fun’yuns box. Also took Jackson to Lucky Strike Social for some arcade time. Realized I should have brought my iPad Pro to do some stuff while waiting. Had a Bohemian Bramble (way too sweet) and some BBQ Boneless Bites (pretty good). After a nap at home, ordered lamb chops for Jackson from Bodega Sur. It’s just really good.