10:02 PM Sunday, <February 5>, 2023
Just edited last night’s post to make it a Saturday night post, so I can keep up my streak. Also tried making a couple edits (I did NOT barf). But yeah, six families had a board party (based off that viral TikTok from last year about the butter board) on Saturday night. Tracy did a goat cheese board, Lucy did a rice board with Spam, pickled radishes, Kewpie and Ketchup/Sriracha, and I did a booze board (like 11 different cocktails in little sample bottles on ice in a cake pan (wouldn’t leak). Thanks to Sonya for the idea, but it went over well. And I liked making all the different kinds, instead of trying to make 1 or 2 batched cocktails. Interesting to see which ones went over well. Lots of options at the party, but I gotta be honest that all of them except Lucy and Tracy’s didn’t really follow the concept completely. Lots of boards with containers of spreads and dips and beautifully arranged items, but none really did the spreadables on a board, and you actually wipe food off the board. Anyway, it was all good. And yes, drank a little too much. Finished up The Queen’s Gambit, and decided to start up Orphan Black. Yesterday Jackson had a 7am soccer game, so we were home before Tracy and Lucy actually had to leave for Lucy’s math competition. Jackson and I went out to H Mart (needed seaweed and pickled radishes for the rice board). Got a bunch of stuff. Realized Spam and pickled radishes are amazing together. Put Pokemon Go back on my phone, hadn’t had it since I nuke and paved back in November. Then started to notice my battery dropping a lot more, so off it went.