8:52 PM Wednesday, <February 8>, 2023>
Didn’t exercise again today, but feeling much better, like I’ve recovered. I should be able to get back on the bike tomorrow. Picked up Chipotle for the kids for dinner tonight. Surprisingly expensive, like I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t ordering 2 of everything. Granted they got guacamole on each of their dishes, and a side of chips and guac, and drinks, so all that guac adds up, but still. And Jackson and I got some Dairy Queen for dessert. Of course I had to get a banana split to stick in the freezer. So much better that way. I had ordered a used Wattbox 600 off eBay, had to send the first one back after the seller sent me another one which I thought was working, but turns out it isn’t. Tempted to just keep it and see if Sapient Home can just do the RMA for me. Think it’s time for them to come out and deal with some issues anyway. Also, super annoyed with a few of my Meross HomeKit devices. They stopped being accessible, even though they appeared to be on the network. So I’m trying a 2.4 GHz IoT only network, and so far seems to be working, but they always seem to work well when they get setup again. So wait and see. But I’m trying out a Ubiquiti SmartPower Strip to see if that’s more stable. The Ubiquiti stuff has been mostly bulletproof, so here’s hoping.